The New Croque In Town

With over 70 restaurants dotted across the UK, Cafe Rouge is a beautiful restaurant serving only the best French dishes. Serving from the early hours for breakfast to the late diners with a delicious main menu, there is a choice for everyone.

On Sunday, I was kindly invited down to their Cheshire Oaks restaurant to try their new Croque lunch dishes..

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Anything You Do Say by Gillian McAllister


Published: 25th January 2018


It’s the end of the night. You’re walking home on your own. Then you hear the sound every woman dreads. Footsteps. Behind you. Getting faster. You’re sure it’s him – the man from the bar who wouldn’t leave you alone. You make a snap decision. You turn. You push. Your pursuer tumbles down the steps. He lies motionless, face-down on the floor.

Now what?

Call 999: Wait for the police to arrive. For judgement, for justice, whatever that may be. You just hope your husband, family and friends, everyone you love, will stand by you. Or.. Run: Stay silent. You didn’t mean to do it. You were scared, you panicked. And no one saw. No one will ever know. If you leave now. If you keep quiet. For ever.

Which will it be?

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Instagram: Likes, Algorithm, Style & Cheating…

Grab a cup of tea, coffee or gin (whatever your preference is) as today’s blog post is quite a lengthy one at a record of 2,057 words..

Much like every other blogger on the planet, I am an active user of Instagram: the social media platform which allows you to post photos, connect with other people, share your thoughts, post crazy boomerangs of your day and much more..

But of recent months, Instagram took a turn down a path which not everyone is happy with. Unless your Kylie Jenner posting a photo of her baby, then you’re not going to get a shed ton of likes within 1.5 seconds.

With the algorithm changing so users only use “popular posts,” it has become harder to the little people to showcase our photos on a daily basis.

Quite a few of my favourite bloggers have written a blog post about their feelings towards the platform and so, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon as it would seem that I have my fair share to say…

Emma (31)

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A Subtle Spring Glow

Spring, you can take off your invisibility cloak now.

I’m attempting to make more of an effort with changing up my makeup rather than using the same set of products for weeks on end. I tend to switch it every Sunday morning, ready for a fresh week ahead.

During the long Easter weekend, I popped into Superdrug to have a nosy at the makeup counters to see if I wanted to try anything new and you all know how much of a sucker I am for a good highlighting palette.

Little did I know that Rimmel have had a highlighting palette (Β£6.99) out for quite some time and yet, I had zero idea. It seems to have only just creeped into my local stores. Did I need another highlighting palette? The answer is no. So, of course I purchased it and ever since, I’ve been using it non-stop.


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The T-Shirt Every 90’s Child Needs

I am a victim of the baby face.

Yet despite being born at the back end of 1990, I always get asked for ID (I don’t actually drink, it’s when I buy the Mr a pint or cider).

But somehow, I never get asked for ID when I’m wearing this t-shirt.

It’s brilliant.

Do you want to know what isn’t brilliant? The fact the t-shirt is currently out of stock. It’s typical and I only bought it less than a month ago.

Emma (24)

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The Sunday Lunch Club by Juliet Ashton

Sock Sunday

Published: 19th April 2018
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 400


The first rule of Sunday Lunch Club is: don’t make any afternoon plans.

Every few Sundays, Anna and her extended family and friends get together for lunch. They talk, they laugh, they bicker, they eat too much. Sometimes the important stuff is left unsaid, other times it’s said in the wrong way. Sitting between her ex-husband and her new lover, Anna is coming to terms with an unexpected pregnancy at the age of forty. Also at the table are her ageing grandmother, her promiscuous sister, her flamboyantly gay brother and a memory too terrible to contemplate. Until, that is, a letter arrives from the person Anna scarred all those years ago. Can Anna reconcile her painful past with her uncertain future?

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We Are The Generation Of Scrollers

Social media is everywhere.

You walk into a cafΓ© and you’re automatically connected to the free Wi-Fi. You can get Wi-Fi on planes. People even source out holiday hotels for free Wi-Fi.

You can’t escape it. You can’t escape free Wi-Fi.

Everyone is obsessed with continually updating their channels with what they’re doing right there in the moment and being nosy about what everyone else is up too.

I’m one of them, but it’s time to pull the reins in.

Emma (19)

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How I Edit My Blog Photos

Remember in February when I wrote a post about how I edit my Instagram photos?

You guys went CRAZY for it – my views were insane.

So with that being said, I wanted to show you how I edit my blog photos depending on the category. I’ve been properly editing my photos on Lightroom for about six months and I absolutely love the app. It’s quick and easy to use which means that within minutes, I can have a selection of photos edited.


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