Date Night Ready With Max Factor

I love date night.

No phones, delicious food, a handsome boyfriend and a chance to chat about everything and anything over dinner and drinks.

The Mr and I have been together for just over a year and a half and it’s safe to say that every now and then, we enjoy date night.

When the wonderful Max Factor PR Team got in touch and asked if I’d like to collaborate again, I jumped at the chance but I certainly didn’t expect so many incredible products.

Max Factor (2)

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Learning To Live In The Moment

Social media is a funny one.

Since becoming a blogger in July 2012, I’ve developed a love for social media.

Instagram and Twitter have quickly become my two favourite platforms for connecting with other bloggers and sharing my own blog posts.

But like a lot of things in the world, social media has a bad side.

Liverpool (18)

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The Year That Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly


Published: 22nd February 2018
Publisher: Orion
Pages: 406


Three women celebrate their birthdays: 30, 40 and 50. But their milestone birthdays mark the start of a year that will change everything. Ginger isn’t spending her 30th the way she would have planned. Tonight might be the first night of the rest of her life – or a total disaster. Sam is finally pregnant after years of trying. When her waters break on the morning of her 40th birthday, she panics; forget labour, how is she going to be a mother? Callie is celebrating her 50th at a big party in her Dublin home, then a knock at the door mid-party turns her perfect life upside down…

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5 Bloggers To Support This Galentines Day

As a woman, I’ve always been supportive of other females.

As a blogger, I’ve always shown my support of female bloggers.

So, with Galentines Day falling on the 13th February, I wanted to share the love for 5 truly wonderful female bloggers.

There are so many other bloggers out there whose content I adore and they certainly don’t go unnoticed (believe me, it was HARD to choose!).

60 Hope Street (2)

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The 10 Minute MakeUp Look For The Office

I’ve mastered the act of doing my makeup in 10-15 minutes.

I wake up at 6am and generally get back home at 5:30pm so I want my makeup to last all day without doing any touch ups. Although, I’ve been taking my concealer and powder into work with me because wearing a bobble hat will get me a red forehead and well, nobody needs to see that, do they?


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The Best Jeans On The High Street

I used to hate jeans.

It’s true.

From college right up until my fourth year at University, I used to constantly wear black leggings (no matter the weather).

But now, I’m flipping obsessed but finding the ones which suit your body shape AND make you feel a million dollars is v. tricky business.

I’ve had jeans from Next and Gap for the past 4-5 years and I’ve worn them solidly every day of the week (they got washed, don’t worry), but in January, my trusty three pairs decided to split at the crotch and leave me hanging.

Cheers lads, I owe you one.

That is where Topshop came into play…

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