The Dress To Wear When Running Out The Door

It is very rare that I throw an piece of clothing on before dashing out for an hour or so, but then again, I don’t exactly plan my outfits in advance unless it’s something special.

With that being said, I have found a particular new aspect of my wardrobe which is the best to wear when I’m heading out for dinner with the Mr or needing to grab a few food essentials from ASDA. It’s comfortable, it’s practical but most importantly..


Cornwall (112)

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A Morning At The Roman Baths

We were only in Bath for 24 hours but during the short time that we were there, we managed to fit in a handful of tourist attractions and the main one on my list was The Roman Baths. The well-preserved Roman site which was opened in 1897 to the public is available to visit from 9am on a daily basis and it is a must see for when you’re visiting.

This post is written in collaboration with Visit Bath who provided us with press passes for our time in the beautiful city.

Bath (51)

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Why Scheduling Works For My Blog

When you have a blog, there is two sides to scheduling: getting content written in advance as well as having many tweets to promote your posts and social media.

It takes time out of your day, it really does.

During a recent Blogosphere Chat, questions were asked about scheduling and from my answers came several questions from fellow bloggers and I thought it would make a somewhat interesting blog post.

Scheduling to some may seem like a lot of work and I won’t sugar coat it: it is but I enjoy doing it and as someone who is passionate about marketing, I know it’s great for my blog in the long run. I’m going to make this post as straight forward as I can but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

So buckle up and learn about how about I make scheduling a priority for my blog.

Emma (53)

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Exploring The Eden Project

Since March 2001, the Eden Project have opened their doors to the public to welcome them into the realistic rainforest temperatures, the beautiful plants, the rich smell of the coffee beans as well as the delicious, freshly made restaurant food.

While we were in St Austell for our second year anniversary, we decided to visit the spectacular domes of the Eden Project and despite not being fans of plants, gardens, trees – we had an amazing day walking around and taking it all in.

The Eden Project very kindly gifted us two day passes in exchange for today’s blog post. Prepare yourselves for a lot of photos..

Cornwall (08)

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My Obsession With Linen Trousers

I have had a strong love for linen trousers for a solid three years now.

I have three pairs – two from Primark and one from F&F Clothing (who have recently gone offline and are now in-store only so no links!).

Before we went to Crete, I purchased a pair of deep blue floral tile print beach linen trousers and I just can’t stop wearing them. Granted, we had an insane heat wave throughout June and July but linen trousers are perfect for those cooler days when denim shorts just aren’t an option.

Emma (51)

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Somewhere Beyond The Sea by Miranda Dickinson

Sock Sunday (02)

Published: 14th June 2018
Pan Macmillan


Seren MacArthur is living a life she never intended. Trying to save the Cornish seaside business her late father built – while grieving for his loss – she has put her own dreams on hold and is struggling. Until she discovers a half-finished seaglass star on her favourite beach during an early morning walk. When she completes the star, she sets into motion a chain of events that will steal her heart and challenge everything she believes. Jack Dixon is trying to secure a better life for daughter Nessie and himself. Left a widower and homeless when his wife died, he’s just about keeping their heads above water. Finding seaglass stars completed on Gwithian beach is a bright spark that slowly rekindles his hope. Seren and Jack are searching for their missing pieces. But when they meet in real life, it’s on the opposing sides of a battle. Jack is managing the redevelopment of a local landmark, and Seren is leading the community campaign to save it. Both have reason to fight – Seren for the cause her father believed in, Jack for his livelihood. But only one can win. With so much at stake, will they ever find what they are really looking for?

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What I Spent In July

Being unemployed with no monthly income is difficult.

It is both emotionally and mentally draining having no full time job and yet, there are still payments that need to be made.

Hannah Gale recently wrote a blog post about how much she spent in a week on food and drink and after reading, I began wondering about how much I tend to spend and with the current state of me being unemployed (sigh, I’d like a job now please), I have to be very careful with my dollar.

Granted, I have been extremely careful within July – only spending what I really need (that went down the drain quickly) with the odd treat thrown in (read: multiple treats) and of course, we had a week long trip to Bath, Cornwall and Cardiff which meant getting the purse out a fair few times during the day.

July Flatlay

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10 Instagram Locations In Bath

Instagram locations are forever being hunted down by bloggers, photographers and people who are a little bit snap happy.

With that being said, we had 26 hours in Bath recently and I wanted to visit as many picturesque spots as I possibly could. With the aid of Visit Bath and #igersbath, I saved quite a few photos (50+) into a collection on Instagram and noted down any street names within my notepad. This way, we got to see the beautiful sights whilst taking all the photos.

We did have a press pass kindly gifted to us from Visit Bath in which we used for Bath Abbey and The Roman Baths, so please know that when you see those photos, we were there in collaboration and that blog posts will be coming up for those spots very soon.

*This post is photo heavy!

Bath (09)

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