Review of Cupcakes At Carrington’s by Alexandra Brown



Georgie Hart loves her job–running the luxury handbag concession at Carrington’s Department store in the pretty seaside town of Mulberry Bay, and treating herself (once too often!) to a red velvet cupcake with buttercream icing in Carrington’s café.

But Georgie is thrown into disarray when Carrington’s is plunged into a recession-busting makeover, cueing the arrival of femme fatale Maxine, who wields the axe in her immaculately-manicured hands.

It spells a recipe for disaster for Georgie and soon she is fighting not only for her job, but also for the attentions of her gorgeous boss, James. And when hot newcomer Tom arrives, who may or may not be the best thing since sliced bread, Georgie must decide where her loyalties really lie…


When I asked Alexandra what her inspiration was for the first Carrington’s novel, little did I know that she’d send me directly to her gorgeous website. If you’re interested in hearing what inspired the author, please click the link below:



Both Alexandra and I were eagerly awaiting for when the first book would arrive in the post and when it showed up yesterday, I tucked myself up in bed for the day with a sore knee and began to read. 12 hours later, I finished the novel and oh my, it’s divine!

The readers take an instant liking to the main character Georgie who reminds me a lot of Rebecca from Sophie Kinsella’s novel, Confessions of a Shopaholic – they both have money issues but that doesn’t stop Georgie from working hard, socialising and finding her Prince Charming. When we’re introduced to Eddie, who is the number one diva at Carrington’s, I couldn’t help but think of Kev @iHeartChickLit, they’re both hilarious characters and are always there for a good chat and gossip.

The narrative was beautifully wrote with hilarious one liners that’ll make any reader crease with laughter. Alexander certainly has a way with words! The friendship between Georgie and Sam is wonderful, carefree and it’s clear from the start that these two girls support one another through thick and thin – more like sisters than friends. The hidden history which surrounds Georgie’s Dad is very intriguing and I couldn’t wait for Alexandra to reveal all – no spoilers, I promise!

The bitch of the narrative, Maxine, well… I hated her. Absolutely hated her. She needs a decent slap with a wet fish! But then again, every book needs a bitch, don’t they? I swear, every time her character spoke, I would grind my teeth with annoyance. She’s a little bit like Cruella DeVille, minus the puppies!

The individual descriptions which Alexandra gives for each character is unbelievably wonderful. It’s the little things like that which make the characters that extra special. For example, Mrs Grace has her stale perfume smell and her Revlon lipstick – instantly, an image pops into the reader’s mind and it’s clear who the character is.

There are two gorgeous men in the book. Holy smokes, I was stuck for choice! Team Tom or Team James? Now, James oozes with personality and he seems like a sincerely nice person. However, Tom is basically sex on legs.

The ending was highly unexpected and at midnight, I was gasping at the outcome. The epilogue was just beautiful.

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