Number #1 Chick-Lit Book by Jessica

I’ve read so many brilliant chick-lit books this year but my favourite has to be a book that I read only last month and that is Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.



Rainbow has three books out to date and I’ve read all of them this year! She has fast become a new favourite author of mine. What I love about Rainbow’s books is that she writes romance across the ages. Eleanor and Park is a Young Adult novel, Fangirl is New Adult and Attachments is Chick-lit. Attachments is the last book I had to read from her and like all of Rainbows books I absolutely fell in love with it!

The book is set in 1999 and computers have just started to become a thing. It centres around three people who work for the same company – Beth, Jennifer and Lincoln. Beth and Jennifer are best friends who email back and forth about their daily lives and Lincoln is the IT guy whose job it is to read through people’s correspondence to make sure that they’re actually working and not just gossiping. By all means Lincoln should report Beth and Jennifer but despite having never met them by reading their emails he feels like he does know them and even starts to develop feelings for one of the girls. The book is very much in the spirit of the movie You’ve Got Mail in that with them not knowing what the other looks like there are plenty of near misses and “could that be her?” moments. The emails between Beth and Jennifer are witty and intelligent. They’re the kind of girls you want as friends because they’re so sophisticated and fun and have such a good friendship!

Lincoln is one of the loveliest book guys I’ve ever read about. I found it so refreshing to read about a guy who isn’t the whole impossible package but who is kind, a little awkward and has as many hang ups about his life as the female characters in the book. Lincoln felt so realistic and authentic to read about and I became incredibly endeared towards him.

Attachments is the loveliest, smartest, funniest book I’ve read in a long time and I’d urge you all to read it. It’s screaming to be made into a rom-com. I laughed, I cried, I swooned and I’m now counting down the days until Rainbow’s next novel ‘Landlines’ is released next year.

The author can be found on Twitter: @rainbowrowell
Jessica, a fellow book blogger, is also on there: @JessHeartsBooks