A Sneak Peek from Anna Bloom

I can’t possibly tell you how excited I am about this guest post. Anna’s books are truly incredible and you can read my reviews from yesterday’s posting.

I’m handing it over to Anna now so she can thrill you with her inside knowledge AND a sneaky peek..

Hey Emma, thanks for having me on your blog today. I’m going to share with you and your readers a little bit of what to expect in Year Two of The Uni Files: The Art of Keeping Faith. This is so exciting for me, so forgive me if I get a bit carried away. I finished writing Year Two about six months ago and have been keeping it a secret ever since, it’s been killing me. I so want everyone to know what happens with Ben and Lilah. . . and now that the release date (Feb 28th) is so close it is nearly time for all to find out the truth.

The Art Of Keeping Faith
The Uni Files – Year Two

Did Ben go to the States?

Did Lilah really learn The Art of Letting Go?

Can Lilah manage to maintain her good relationship with her family?

And lets be honest, just what ridiculous situation can Lilah get herself into this year.

And the answers. . . Well you are going to have to wait another six weeks to find out.

I will however tell you this…

When I started The Uni File series I never planned for all three books to be the same. Each book has its own theme and in each book the characters have specific lesson that they had to learn. Let me explain. When I was writing The Art of Letting Go (Year One), for me the big storyline was never about whether Lilah would ask Ben to stay, or whether he would leave. The Lesson, or moral rather of the story was whether Lilah could learn what she was worth and let go of all the negativities she held inside and which held her back.

In Year Two Lilah’s personal objective of the year is to learn The Art of Keeping Faith, not just in others and those around her, but also in herself. Lilah needs to see herself as others do, that she is quite smart, she is caring and most importantly that if she finds faith in herself she will be able to achieve anything, even the unimaginable.

I had so much fun writing this story but at the same time found it emotionally taxing. I really pushed my characters in this novel. It’s not easy at all for them, there is a lot of mistrust and negativity amongst our band of friends, and some truly terrible decisions are made (and not all by Lilah this time). There is also a huge twist in the storyline which will hopefully come as a surprise! But I needed them too live through this year so that in the third and final novel they get to where I always wanted them to be.

So in a nutshell every reader who loves Lilah and Ben should expect the following. Wine (of course), Vodka (it’s a given), Laughter, embarrassment, tears, regret, love, romance, surprises and most especially reality. If there was one single thing I ever wanted to achieve with this series it was to tell about life as it actually happens. I truly hope I have achieved this.


One woman. One year. One diary. One question: can you stop history from repeating itself and if you could what would you do to stop it?

If Lilah McCannon thought that surviving the first year of University and learning The Art of Letting Go was going to be her biggest challenge then she has a big surprise on her hands.

It’s Year Two and the pressure is on. Lilah and her friends are back but are learning fast that nothing will ever be the same again. As Lilah adapts to a life without Ben Chambers, a life which includes scary lecturers, demanding time tables and learning to live with choices she has made, Lilah realises that she has to use the independence she found in Year One to carve a future for herself free from the shackles of the past.  But before Lilah can find faith in others and earn back her happily ever after with Ben she must first learn The Art of Keeping Faith in herself. 

Sneak Peek:

“Lilah, seriously you are scaring me. What are you thinking?”

Taking a deep breath I try not to look too closely at the blue eyes I love more than any other in the entire universe.

“Ben, I am thinking that maybe you and I should just take things a bit slower whilst we adapt to our own lifestyles. I mean you have yours and I have mine, and they are not ones that naturally fit together.”

I cannot believe I have just said this.

Ben is staring at me with a wild expression across his face.

“No. Absolutely not. Delilah McCannon, you are the only thing keeping me sane right now, if I don’t have you then I don’t have anything.”

“Yeah you will, you will have an amazing career and be ridiculously famous.”

“I don’t want it without you.”

“Yes you do, Ben.”

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