Review of The Unpredictable Consequences Of Love by Jill Mansell


When Josh Strachan, newly returned to his home in north Cornwall from sunny California, first meets Sophie Wells, he’s immediately smitten. Sophie’s pretty, she’s funny, she has lots of friends and she clearly loves her job as a photographer, despite the sometimes tricky clients. There’s just one problem: Sophie has very firmly turned her back on love. It’s nothing personal, she tells Josh, but she just doesn’t do dates. And no one – even Sophie’s scatty best friend Tula – will tell him why. Josh is sure Sophie likes him, though, and he’s just got to find out what’s put her off romance. And then put things right…


Thank you to the wonderful folk at Headline Books for kindly sending me a uncorrected proof copy. This is the first novel of Jill’s which I have read and I absolutely loved it.

The two main characters, Sophie and Josh are people pleasers. Upon their first meeting within a couple of pages, I couldn’t feel the chemistry between them and there was a reason for that – Sophie was holding back. Throughout the rest of the narrative, I followed Sophie’s feelings and whatever emotions she gave out or kept in, I felt as well.

The multiple point of view’s allows readers to not favour Sophie and Josh’s story but I couldn’t help but be more interested in theirs. Jill offers a wide variety of ages who connect for the first time or possibly for the last.

Overall, it was a very well written book and if I were the editor, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The Unpredictable Consequences Of Love is due to be released on the 30th January. Preorder your Hardback copy for £8 on Amazon with free P&P. 

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