Review of Wishful Thinking by Melissa Hill


Louise wishes she could be slim, pretty, and popular. So she can’t believe it when it seems her wish is coming true. If only it didn’t all cost so much…

Dara wishes she could go back in time, and change everything. But she’s married now, and nothing can change that. Can it?

Rosie wishes she knew how to make her children happy. Even though they’re both grown up with their own lives, they seem to need her more than ever.

Three very different women, about to make a journey that will change their lives forever. You should be careful what you wish for…


If you’re looking for a jam packed drama filled novel, this is definitely one for you!

The prologue cleverly gives a glimpse into the future for one of the women and within pages, readers are taught to value their lives.

In terms of different point of views, I always tend to favour a character’s story but in this case, they were all as powerful as the next. We learnt a lot about Rosie, Louise and Dara in a short space of time and within a couple of chapters, I felt as if I’d known them for a couple of years – that is what I love about Melissa’s writing! They were knee deep in detail and it wasn’t overpowering, it was just right.

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