Review of Four Warned by Jeffrey Archer


These four short stories from a master storyteller are packed full of twists and turns.

In Stuck on You, Jeremy finds out exactly the best way to steal the perfect ring for his fiancée.

Albert celebrates his 100th birthday, and is pleased to be sent The Queen’s Birthday Telegram. He is, however, confused.

In Russia, businessman Richard plots the ideal way to murder his wife. He begins to have a clever idea when his hotel warns him: Don’t Drink the Water from the taps.

And as Diana, a busy single mother, drives to have dinner with friends, she realises that a black van is following her. Soon terrified for her life, she does whatever it takes to stick to the warning given to drivers: Never Stop on the Motorway.


Thank you to the lovely people at Quick Reads who very kindly sent me a copy of Jeffrey’s collection of short stories along with a bar of Galaxy. I’ve decided to review each short story separately and don’t worry, it won’t be a big long review…

1. Never Stop On The Motorway is the first book in the collection and a superb way to start it off. Diana, the main character, is a director of a firm in London. She’s divorced with two children and is off to visit her friends for the weekend. But something happens on the motorway which automatically makes her judge a fellow citizen. It was a simple, easy and dramatic read and I couldn’t quite believe the ending – expect the unexpected because it is incredible.

2. The Queen’s Birthday Telegram is based on a true incident and I’m itching to know more! It’s a heartwarming narrative and I instantly loved the Albert. Three years after he turns 100, his lovely little wife turns 100 but doesn’t receive her telegram. I was quite surprised about the ending and also, quite confused at the same time because it opened a can of worms before Jeffrey ended the story.

3. Stuck On You is also based on a true incident. This was a very clever story and I was constantly trying to figure out the missing pieces. The two character Jeremy and Arabella couldn’t be more different but for some reason, they work very well together. The story was told at a soft, gentle and enjoyable pace.

4. Don’t Drink The Water was the final story of the collection and personally, I didn’t enjoy it at all. I thought the story was filled with too much background and it didn’t give the reader a chance to imagine the missing gaps at all – mainly because there were no missing gaps as it was a bit too heavy.

In Four Warned, each story is different and there is plenty of choice for all different kinds of readers. It’s a book which you’re able to read on a train journey or if you’re stuck in traffic.

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