DOUBLE Review of Over You and Hens Reunited by Lucy Diamond





Josie, Nell and Lisa go back a long way – they were flatmates, soulmates and best mates back in their twenties when life was one long party. Five years later, things are different. Josie is married with kids in deepest suburbia, free-spirit Nell has travelled the world, and Lisa is on the path to career glory (and the salary Premiership). A reunion weekend in London seems a great idea to Josie… Until she discovers something which will change the course of her life forever.


In the opening chapter, we meet Josie who is married with twin boys. She’s ready for some quality time with her two best friends. From the very first meeting, I felt sorry for Josie. She wasn’t comfortable in her own skin and what’s more, she felt like she was out of her league standing next to her two best friends. She’s a reliable and kind hearted person, but I just had a sneaky feeling that as the narrative progressed, I’d feel even more sorry for her.

In general, I thought the reveal of the big secret was spectacular and I really enjoyed reading about how the characters all reacted.With the combination of three strong female characters and Lucy’s incredible writing style, you really do feel at home with the plot.



Katie, Georgia and Alice were at each other’s hen nights but now the chickens have come home to roost: their marriages have fallen apart and their friendships have been tested to the limits. Control-freak Katie has become a commitment-phobe – there’s no way she wants to get married again. Is there? Ambitious Georgia always puts her career first. If anyone gets hurt, it’s their look-out – right? And faithful Alice wants to make a fresh start, but can’t get over her cheating ex – and Georgia’s betrayal.

Hearts have been broken, and feathers ruffled … can the hens ever be reunited?


Once I finished reading Over You, I dove straight into Hens Reunited and I’m so pleased I did because there’s nothing better than a double whammy of Lucy Diamond. I have to be honest – I enjoyed this novel a lot more than I did with the first.

Readers witness three hen parties. First is in 1994, where Katie, the control-freak, rushes into life with a man she loves. Second, is in 1998, where Georgia is all about the A-List. And finally, in 2002, Alice has her relaxing hen night. All three hen nights are very different which was a fantastic way of showing how unlike the three women are. Each had their own individual voice and for me, Alice was a real favourite as I found her to be the most relatable.

As the narrative progresses in present day, we learn of how betrayal, lies and life has pulled the Hens apart. I loved how Lucy decided to introduce a Take That song title before each chapter, it added a little more personality from each of the three women. Not only that but each title represented what would happen in the upcoming chapter – brilliant.

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