Review of The Lost Garden by Kate Kerrigan



Can love bloom twice in one lifetime?


Thank you to Pan Macmillan for kindly sending me a copy. I haven’t read anything of Kate’s before so I was excited to read it.

Jimmy and Aileen, both 19, are heading to Scotland for a season. One for fishing, one for potatoes. There isn’t anything that Jimmy wouldn’t do for the red headed girl who his eyes locked on. Their upcoming meeting was highly awaited.

Kate’s writing is highly descriptive and detailed. But at times, I found that because her writing was jam packed with description, that there was very little for the reader to imagine which goes past the plot. I wanted to be shown the story, not told. There isn’t a sight, smell, sound or emotion that goes unnoticed. It’s all there in the novel.

Family and love are the two main themes which run throughout. Both Jimmy and Aileen have parents who are in a strong marriage, and it’s a perfect example to set and learn from. Their first words to one another couldn’t be more different. It took me a while to believe their relationship and I’m not quite sure that it was love at first sight.

Before I read the book, I read the blurb* and I thought it had given the plot away. Oh, how wrong I was. It is a heartbreaking story which will allow you to have all the emotions which you’re supposed to have whilst reading a love story. The ending was just delightful.

*The blurb wasn’t fully available on Amazon at the time of writing the review.

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