Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Tour & The London Writer’s Fair

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Tour

On Monday 7th April, I packed my bags and arranged to meet my best friend in Manchester. In January, he surprised me with tickets to see Justin Timberlake at the M.E.N/Phones 4 U Arena. I thought I’d blog about something different because I love watching artists/bands live. It’s something I’ve loved for the past couple of years. JT was on our bucket list of people to see and believe me, he did not disappoint.



For us, our seats were perfect. They were around Β£70 but sadly, my iPhone camera didn’t do the tour justice. From half past 8 until half past 9, JT was non-stop with old and new songs. He sang, he danced and spoke to the crowd directly. For me, he’s on level with Michael Jackson. What a man.



It was a fantastic night with my best friend πŸ™‚

The London Writer’s Fair

On Friday 11th April, I hopped on the 10am train to Euston Station for a jam packed day. Foyles bookshop is absolutely beautiful. The first Q&A was with Jeremy from Pan Macmillan, Mary from Tinder Press and Felicity, Sophie and Karolina. They discussed what new authors should be writing about – it ought to be something special with a wow factor that’ll make them want to sign you to their agency asap. Writers ought to be able to sum up their book in a crisp, fresh manner. They talked about why writers need agents, how we should go about seeking one, where to look and what to present to them.


If you are interested in an agent, Curtis Brown have a selection of fantastic ones:Β http://www.curtisbrowncreative.co.uk/submissions/agents/

They also talked about the best way to pitch your novel to agents, how you should write the cover letter (keep it short) and most of all, make sure you have the million dollar book that everyone will be fangirling over.

Between the break, I spoke to Nathan Filer briefly about Mental Health and I was lucky enough to have my copy of his best selling debut signed. Cue the squeals…


The second Q&A was with a selection of authors: Nathan Filer:Β The Shock Of The Fall,Β Adele Parks:Β Spare Brides,Β Antonia Honeywell:Β The ShipΒ (Jan, 2016) and finally, Tom Rob Smith:Β Child 44.Β 


They discussed how they got an agent and it was very interesting how Adele got hers as she has been in the writing industry for much longer. Times have really changed. “An old manuscript is like an ex-boyfriend, you don’t need it.” Well said Adele.

I was lucky enough to ask a question.

Q. What is your number one top tip for writing?
Adele –
Write everyday
Nathan –
Or whenever… But seriously, when you can – write!
Tom –
Get rid of the bitterness inside of you, everyone has it but get rid.
Antonia –
Have a support network e.g. Twitter/Family/Friends

After the event, I rushed off to Euston Road where Headline are stationed. I was lucky enough to catch Ben, Elaine and Francis before they headed off for the weekend. I didn’t leave empty handed either…


I’m one heck of a lucky book blogger. I’ve visited the office before but to Hodder & Stoughton. All three of them are wonderful people and I love working with them in the book world. I’ll be going into more detail about these books in my April Book Haul. Don’t ask about the spoon…