Review of Casting The Net by Julie McDowall

Published: 14th June 2013
Publisher: Blasted Heath
Pages: 124


Anyone who’s dabbled with internet dating has a story to tell but few tell them as well as Julie McDowall.

Her online dating blog was an instant sensation when she charted her bizarre and hilarious experiences in search of the perfect man. Or at least a man who wasn’t a total freak. Or, failing that, a freak who was freaky in the right ways…


Thank you to Puffin Review for kindly sending me a review copy. Now, it’s VERY rare that I read a non-fiction book but when I read the reviews on Amazon, I would have daft to say no.

The narrator, Julie, wants to break up with her beer loving boyfriend, Dudley (not Dudley from Harry Potter!) but she can’t bring herself to do it. She loves him and quite frankly, she has nowhere else to go. Eventually, she plucks up the courage and leaves him. Julie’s life after Dudley is extremely relatable and I sympathised with her deeply.

Each chapter name refers to what’ll happen in that chapter – it’s a clever little writing trick but I loved it. The pace of the narrative was perfect – it wasn’t slow, it wasn’t rushed, it was just right.

I laughed A LOT throughout the book but then Julie used a word which I dislike very much. The C word. I won’t spell it out but no doubt you’ll know what I mean. For me, that took the book down a tone. It wasn’t used in a sexual context, it was used as a piece of bad language and I immediately thought uh oh.

Just when you think the obvious will happen, drama kicks off and Julie has left Volume 1 open perfectly for the second instalment. I’ll definitely be reviewing.

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