Review of A Kiss In The Dark by Cat Clarke

Published: 27th March 2014
Publisher: Quercus
Pages: 384


When Alex meets Kate the attraction is instant.

Alex is funny, good-looking, and a little shy – everything that Kate wants in a boyfriend. Alex can’t help falling for Kate, who is pretty, charming and maybe just a little naive…

But one of them is hiding a secret, and as their love blossoms, it threatens to ruin not just their relationship, but their lives.


Thank you to Quercus for kindly sending me a review copy.

Kate and Alex meet via social media. Their first face-to-face meeting gets off to a rocky start but soon enough, they relax and so do we. Cat doesn’t keep readers guessing the big secret for much longer and quickly reveals it… AND HOLY MOLY. That’s the biggest book reveal I’ve ever read before. WOW! It’s very refreshing to read a YA book from a male’s point of view and I absolutely loved his voice and his line of thought.

Cat didn’t focus much on the description of the scenery and she allowed the characters to completely take over the plot one hundred per cent. We don’t know a lot about Alex or Kate, but what we do know is that they’re head over heels in love with one another. At times, the love was a little bit over the top but I had to keep reminding myself that they’re teenagers. Teenagers are very over the top and they think that every love is “the one.”

The second part of the plot is told in Kate’s point of view and it was a dramatic turn for the book. My breath was held as the events unfold and I couldn’t read any faster. It was incredible – heartbreaking, but incredible. The storyline was perfect and as I reached the end of the book, I found myself wanting more and more. I’m gutted that it’s over.

A Kiss In The Dark is a complete whirlwind of emotions. Wow.

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