Review of The Vintage Summer Wedding by Jenny Oliver

Published: 22nd May 2014


Spending the summer uncovering hidden treasures in a vintage shop, Anna can still vividly remember both her childhood dreams; the first was that she’d become a Prima Ballerina, and dance on stage resplendent in a jewel-encrusted tutu. The second was that at her wedding she would walk down the aisle wearing a collective-gasp-from-the-congregation dress.

Years ago Anna pirouetted out of her cosy hometown village in a whirl of ambition…but when both of those fairy-tale dreams came crashing down around her ballet shoes, she and fiancée Seb find themselves back in Nettleton, their wedding and careers postponed indefinitely…


Thank you to Carina for the copy. I’ve only just learnt that The Vintage Summer Wedding is a sequel. I obviously read it as a stand alone and got to know the characters in this book without reading the last. For me, it has to be advertise very well if a book is part of a series or not.

Anna has returned home with her future husband, Seb, but she’s not impressed one bit. This isn’t the lavish wedding she had hoped for. But on the plus side, she’s still got her gorgeous Vera Wang dress. Anna clearly prefers the lavish lifestyle. Perhaps it’s just me, but I had no idea why they’d returned to her home town. At the beginning of the novel, there’s no sparkle. Anna’s foul mood takes over the plot and I was in a little bit of a slump whilst reading. I’m not sure whether this was Jenny’s intention, but if it was, it worked. Dance played a big role in the narrative and Anna took it to like a duck to water. She excelled at the moves and even in the teaching department. Slowly but surely, her foul mood disappeared and I was able to relax and enjoy the book.

I wanted to read Jenny’s previous book but never got round to it, so when I was kindly sent a copy of The Vintage Summer Wedding, I was excited to dive into her fictional world. For me, there was barely any discussion of a wedding. It came right at the end and once I’d finished the book I said: Is that it? The title allowed me to imagine that it would be something along the lines of a Great Gatsby themed wedding. The only vintage side to the book was Anna’s forced job at an antiques shop. It was a little misleading and because of that, I’m not sure how I feel about the book.

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