Review of The Single Girl’s To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk

Published: 9th June 2011
Pages: 335


Rachel Summers loves a to-do list:

• Boyfriend
• Flat
• Great job

NOT on the list:

• Being dumped

Best friends Emelie and Matthew ride to her rescue with an entirely new kind of list – The Single Girl’s To-Do List. Rachel doesn’t know it, but it will take her on all kinds of wild adventures – and get her in some romantic pickles too. And then it won’t be a case of what but who she decides to tick off…

• Mr. bendy yoga instructor
• Mr. teenage sweetheart
• Mr. persistent ex
• Mr. deeply unsuitable


Rachel and Simon are doing a Ross and Rachel – taking a break and she’s determined to win him back. I disliked Simon from the very beginning and practically screamed at my Kindle when Rachel wanted him back.

Rachel’s two best friends: Emelie and Matthew were highly entertaining. Matthew had me in serious fits of giggles throughout the plot. Lindsey’s natural humour and wit shone through his character. “Between them, Matthew and Emelie were keeping Clinton’s Cards in business – hopeless romantics the pair of them.” The plot was filled with laughter, sarcasm, highs and lows. They were there for Rachel 24/7 and I loved reading about the three of them together.

In regards to Simon, I felt sorry for Rachel. He was a real *insert the words best insult here* and he needed a punch in the face. We’ve all been there with an ex boyfriend and we hate running back to them, knowing full well that they’re the wrong ones for us. I’ve got that t-shirt. I hoped Rachel would find better, but as the plot progressed, I wasn’t bothered whether she fell back in love with the right man. As long as she was happy, that’s all that mattered.

There wasn’t anything I disliked about the book. It was a feel good chick-lit and is perfect to read on a holiday.

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