Double Post Week…

At the beginning of June, I did Double Review Week and everyday, I kept receiving WordPress app notifications on my phone informing me that “stats are booming.” I didn’t realise how many people read my blog on a daily basis. I woke up one morning to six emails from different people, asking me when the next Double Week will be. I’ve had a lot of personal things go on within the past two weeks or so, but as promised…

Double Post Week

Monday 23rd 

Event: An Evening With Holly Smale and Sally Green
Review: Sealed With A Kiss by Rachael Lucas

Tuesday 24th

Guest Post: Milly Johnson Talks Books
Guest Post: Anna Bell Talks Books

Wednesday 25th

Blog Tour Review: Love Like The Movies by Victoria Van Tiem
Review: One Night In Italy by Lucy Diamond

Thursday 26th 

Announcement: Secret Book Blogger Project – The Big Reveal
Review: A Beginner’s Guide To Salad by Jennifer Joyce

Friday 27th 

Review: The Life You Left by Carmel Harrington
Guest Post: Carmel Harrington Talks Books