Amanda Prowse: Short Story Part 10

I’m delighted to be bringing you something special today. Amanda Prowse’s PR company contacted myself and other book bloggers to bring you all a short story. I’m the final day but in case you’ve missed out, you can read the previous day here: www.pagetostagereviews.com and of course, you can read the other parts from the other sites. Please note that the PR company sent me the short story and gave me the green light to post on my blog. Nothing has been stolen from anyone. *Saying all this because of the new rules on WordPress.

Hot Chocolate and Teacakes by Amanda Prowse: Day 10

The next day with her pencil gripped in her fingers, Poppy remembered her Nan’s words. She smoothed the blank sheet and closed her eyes. She thought about Sonny and the way he smiled and sang as he popped the teacakes into the toaster, while she and Martin sat in the booth and watched the rain splashing on the pavement outside. She had watched as he dipped the old bone handled knife into the butter and swiped it over the hot surface, letting it melt over the teacake.  He had then whipped up two steaming mugs of frothy hot chocolate, maybe they were going off too, but to be honest, it all tasted lovely. She remembered the feeling of anticipation as her eyes roved the white china plate, her mouth watering. It had been a very good end to a really rubbish day.

Poppy raised her pencil and began. The things I love most about my dad are when he makes me hot toasted teacakes and a mug of hot chocolate when I am hungry after a long day at school. I like the way he makes them for my friend too. It makes me feel safe and warm and special.

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Will You Remember Me? was released on the 17th July 2014 – watch out for my review!

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