Review of Every Woman For Herself by Trisha Ashley

Published: 8th May 2014
Publisher: Avon
Pages: 302


When Charlie’s husband Matt tells her that he wants a divorce she has to start from scratch. Suddenly single, broke and approaching 40 she is forced to return to her childhood home in the Yorkshire moors.

Living with her father and eccentric siblings could be considered a challenge but soon Charlie finds her new life somewhat refreshing. Now that she’s single she’s got no need to dye her roots nor to be the perfect wife and she can return to her first love- painting. But just as she begins to feel settled, handsome, bad-tempered actor Mace North moves in down the road and starts mixing things up for Charlie in more ways than one…


Charlie is about to leave her martial home behind, but it’s never truly offered her the comfort or happiness which she hoped for all those years ago. Her soon to be ex-husband Matt is a successful business man, yet that doesn’t stop him being a douche. Charlie’s life is relatively quiet but when a sexually aroused married man barges into her back door (no pun intended), all hell breaks loose and very quickly, she’s left with more drama than she ever bargained for. That, ladies and gentlemen, all happens within three very jam packed chapters. What a way to begin a bestseller.

The relationship between Charlie and Miss Grinch, who I imagined to be quite elderly, fond a rather odd friendship, yet to my surprise it works. They truly care for one another and banish the “nosy neighbour” stereotype which I really liked. When Charlie goes back home to the Yorkshire moors, she’s greeted by Em, her Father and his mistress of the month. I wasn’t 100% sure if Em was Charlie’s sister or a housekeeper as for me, their relationship title wasn’t really cemented. When hunky Mace comes into the narrative, I wondered if Charlie would ever have her happy ending. There was a lot of back and forth moments between the pair, but in Fiction, that’s expected. I thought Trisha wrote their relationship brilliantly – they were well suited.

Trisha writes with such ease and quirkiness which I really enjoy. This book was originally published in 2002 but due to high demand from readers, Avon have republished it with a beautiful new cover and a couple of tweaks from Trisha. I can understand why it was a hit –  The heroine is quiet yet her life is a bundle of fireworks, the humour is spot on, the writing is quirky yet fun and most of all, the romance blossoms beautifully.

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