Sunlounger 2 Week: Day One

Sunlounger 2

Welcome to Day 1 of Sunlounger 2 Week.

The Kangaroo Suit by Jessica Adams
Amanda is on a gap year from University in London. It is currently Valentine’s Day in Australia and she’s fallen for a human koala bear. His name is Josh and they instantly hit it off. He’s not the type of person to hold back and I liked that he was relaxed around Amanda, but for me, his personality was a little bit all over the place and I found him difficult to work out as a character. The story ended on a positive note and I thought Jessica’s writing style made me feel very relaxed and at ease.
Twitter: @jessicacadams
Website: www.jessicaadams.com

The Wrong Suitcase by Katie Agnew
Lara and Tash are heading to Nice, France for a relaxing few days before Tash gets married. The story is heavy on description and background information of the two women and I absolutely loved that. The point of view differs between Lara and Jack, who we discover isn’t who he truly is. It was quite clear from the title that they would eventually meet and surprise, surprise, they do. I thought Katie balanced the two point of views brilliantly and they were brought together at the right time. For me, this plot was easy to read and despite me knowing where it would lead, I enjoyed it.

Pandora and the Music Box by Valerie-Anne Baglietto
Pandora, her older sister Iris and her niece are travelling to Gran Canaria. Pandora is a troubled seventeen year old with a bad history of men. I fully enjoyed the witchcraft element of the plot and I found myself to be whizzing through the plot, desperately wanting more. There was a lot to learn about the music box and Valerie-Anne did not disappoint. “It strikes me that we do a lot in this life out of fear and most of those things aren’t pleasant or constructive.” I was very shocked about the ending as it came completely out of the blue and I felt as if Pandora had purposely lied to the reader. Valerie’s writing style is very addictive and if she transformed this short story into a novel, I would happily read it.
Twitter: @VABaglietto
Website: www.valerie-annebaglietto.com

Hinterland by Hannah Beckerman
Sophie and her boyfriend Sean are enjoying sunning themselves in Indonesia, but Sophie can’t keep still. Her job is a high powered one which means she is constantly busy and doesn’t know how to switch her brain off. What I liked about the story the most was that Hannah went above and beyond expectations. After reading Hannah’s debut, I liked that she branched out and wrote about a subject which hasn’t been the main topic of literary conversation over the years.
Twitter: @hannahbeckerman
Website: www.hannahbeckerman.com

A Singapore Fling by Rosie Blake
Chloe’s reading has been distracted by an attractive man rubbing oil on his chest. Now, as much as I love to read, even I would be distracted by this. Pete aka. The Stranger Pest won’t leave her alone. Rosie’s short story was a happy-go-lucky read and Chloe falls for the unexpected which I really liked.
Twitter: @RosieBBooks
Website: www.rosieblake.co.uk

A Costume Drama by Tracy Bloom
Fancy your seat belts; we’re off to beautiful Orlando. Charlie finally gets his chance to be Prince Charming and true to Disney form, he has the eye for Cinderella. I really enjoyed this story as inner beauty was the main subject. Not everyone needs to be a Princess or fall for a Prince and I loved that message.
Twitter: @TracyBBloom
Website: www.tracybloom.com

Magic Eight by Laurey Buckland
Charlie can’t get over her ex-boyfriend Max and even the tea leaves are beginning to show broken hearts. She’s been forced to go to Bruges in replacement of her sister Rachel. When Charlie begins to rely on a Magic 8 Ball, we’re given the reading from the ball which was a fantastic element but I felt like it wasn’t really needed. The reader ought to do the imagining for themselves. Once again, I thought the male character was quite forward yet I did like it – because the stories are so short, they have to be forward and the author makes them say things which would usually be dragged out a little in novels. I thought Laurey’s writing style was fresh and easy to enjoy.
Twitter: @LaureyBuckland

The Party Boat by Jo Carnegie
Sue has allowed her husband Nev to book a luxury cruise around Croatia but he’s made a mistake. Instead of relaxing in luxury, they’re joining a group of young adult on… Yes you’ve guessed it – a party boat. I expected a lot of laughs from this story but I found it to be quite lifeless and that’s never enjoyable to say.
Twitter: @jocarnegie1

How To Have Your Best Summer Ever! by Lisa Dickenson
For me, this was one of the most anticipated stories from Sunlounger 2 as I’ve recently read Lisa’s new book and I’ve became addicted to her writing. Katie and Jen are travelling together and they’re currently in Kookaburra Kove in Australia. Jen is relying on a 1997 copy of Seventeen magazine in preparation to have the best summer ever. What I enjoyed the most was that Lisa allowed her characters to engage in activities and have fun rather than sit in the sun all day. Lisa’s writing style is always addictive and I still want more.
Twitter: @LisaWritesStuff
Website: www.lisadickenson.com

Connecting Flight by Poppy Dolan
Amy hates flying but never the less; she is on her way to Spain for a family wedding. Poppy writes brilliant one liners such as “…and all that death made you horny?” Amy’s new flight friend Bill was so lovely and sweet and I think I’m a little in love with him now. It was a very cute story and I found that I didn’t want it to end.
Twitter: @PoppyDWriter

Partners In Crime by Carrie Duffy
Emily is in a private jet on her way to glorious LA with Nathan Scott. The male character name instantly rang a bell and took me back to my One Tree Hill days. They have a working relationship and I wonder when they’d get back that awkward stage of “are we more than this?” The chemistry between them wasn’t smoking hot as Nathan was a bit of an iffy character for me to work out. Carrie’s writing style was original and well detailed which I really liked.
Twitter: @cazduffy
Website: www.carrieduffy.com