Sunlounger 2 Week: Day Two

Sunlounger 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Sunlounger 2 Week.

Alone In Catalonia by Matt Dunn
Alison’s last day in Barcelona gets off to a rocky start – she’s had her phone stolen, so naturally, it’s the end of the world. It’s only when hunky Jay comes to her rescue that she begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There wasn’t a great deal of detail but as a reader who has been to Barcelona, I found that to be okay. I thought the chemistry between Alison and Jay was superb – you can sense the fireworks!
Twitter: @mattdunnwrites
Website: www.mattdunn.co.uk

Days Of Miracle And Wonder by Ella Fairlie
Cassie is hungover and on an African safari. Someone is watching her, but why? I thought this short story was well written but in all honesty, I felt like it had been rushed. The pacing was too quick for my liking and before I even knew anything about Cassie, it was all over.
Twitter: @ellafairlie

We Found Love by Ilana Fox
This is the first story to be set in the future and the opening is quite shocking as London in 2014 is being bombed. Buildings are fallen down, people are running for their lives and then suddenly, we fast forward to Cuba, 2075. The relationship between Katie (our 2014 character) and Harper (our 2075 character) was very special and I could really sense the love between them both. It was a unique story – quite possibility one of my favourites. Ilana’s uniqueness really touched me and I thought it was beautiful.
Twitter: @ilana
Website: www.ilana.xxx

The Hotel Room by Janey Fraser
This is the first story to be told directly to the reader and I loved that. We don’t know where the narrator is in the world but we do know, they remember hotel room numbers even if it’s years after a trip. The use of the room numbers is a technique that Janey has used to tell the story – it’s one to get your head around but it’s clever and rather enjoyable. I don’t think I could read an entire novel written like that though..
Twitter: @janey_fraser
Website: www.janeyfraser.co.uk

Artistic Flair by Sophie Hart
If you’re a fan of Titanic, then this is a story for you! Fifty year old Barbara is on a solo painting trip to beautiful France. If you recall the naked painting scene from the film, then this is the short story version. Sophie put her own spin onto it and the ending keeps readers holding on until the very end. I can’t wait for Sophie’s next book.
Twitter: @Cafe_Crumb

In Bruges by Emma Heard
Melissa is expecting a proposal on the last night in Bruges with boyfriend Jonathan, but it’s not happened yet and she’s been waiting for months! It’s was a really gorgeous story, I could have done with a little bit more detail on the town but if it was a novel, I’d happily read it and enjoy.
Twitter: @EmIsWriting  << don’t get confused with mine, @EmmaIsWriting
Website: www.lovestoreadwanttowrites.blogspot.co.uk

Midsummer Madness by Pernille Hughes
The narrator, Affie, is standing in two Denmark seas… What an odd way to begin a story. She’s here for work but doesn’t really want to be. I suspected early on that Affie wants to escape a certain someone back at home and she’s determined not to have yet another holiday romance. I thought the story was well thought out and very detailed which is a bonus in my eyes, but I didn’t think it had an overall point. Affie went back on her promise to herself and as realistic as that is, I just didn’t click with her.
Twitter: @pernillehughes
Website: www.writingfromtheedgeofdistraction.blogspot.com

Summer Secrets And Surprises by Molly Hopkins
Our narrator is in Greece, trying to learn the Greek language because her fiancé is Greek, but she’s struggling to fit in. This story felt  as if the first few chapters were pulled by a book and I didn’t mind that because I felt as if I really knew the two main characters and I became involved in their relationship. It was a sweet story but I didn’t enjoy the Five Years Later segment at the end. I felt like it was rushed and I would have preferred the character’s lives being left to my imagination.
Twitter: @Molly_Hopkins
Website: www.mollyhopkins.co.uk

The Star Man by Tony Horkins
From the very sentence, I fell in love with the narrative. It’s was witty, funny and light hearted. I wasn’t sure if the narrator was a parking attendant at Paramount Pictures or an extra. These two jobs were mentioned quite a bit and I needed more concrete information. The plot was very well written but I saw it going in an obvious direction: he’d get the dream job and his dream girl, wouldn’t he?
Twitter: @tonyhorkins
Website: www.tonyhorkins.com

The Best Gift Of All by Margaret James
The Gorgeous Girls Gang: Giselle, Georgina, Grace and our narrator Ellie, are all meeting up in Florence before a wedding. She’s been backpacking through Europe in preparation to get a real tan rather than one out of a bottle. When Ellie meets Will, their connection is instant and I loved reading about them.
Twitter: @majnovelist
Website: www.margaretjames.blogspot.com

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers by Milly Johnson
Billy doesn’t buy flowers or cards, well isn’t he romantic? Billy and Jen have been together for eight years and now, they’re here in Venice on her 40th birthday and she’s hoping for a ring. But when he does pop the question, he’s really rude about it. My instant thought was “what a pig.” He’s even put a price on love. I always love Milly’s books so it’ll come as no surprise that I enjoyed her short story.
Twitter: @millyjohnson
Website: www.millyjohnson.co.uk