Sunlounger 2 Week: Day Three

Sunlounger 2

Welcome to Day 3 of Sunlounger 2 Week.

Capri Blue by Belinda Jones
Our narrator has lost her wedding ring, but not in the way you’d think. She quickly meets another woman whilst in Italy. They weirdly find comfort in talking to one another about sunscreen and lotion which I found to be well, weird. However, I thought the piece was really well written, it was refreshing to have a no-romance story but I didn’t understand their connection.
Twitter: @belindatravels
Website: www.sunloungerstories.com

Trading Up In Tuscany by Lucy Lord
Georgie is cycling in Tuscany with her exercise and healthy eating mad boyfriend Christian. Oh, he was a pain from the very beginning. So when she meets gorgeous Lucas, I immediately wanted her to dump Christian and start fresh with Lucas. Lucy’s writing style is care free and it encourages the reader to carry on which I really liked.
Twitter: @lucylord1
Website: www.lucylordauthor.com

Going Nowhere by Chrissie Manby
Melanie is on her way to Heathrow before flying to JFK, New York. The story was about realising what you truly want in life – and sometimes, it’s not always about a high-powered job, especially if it makes you unhappy. I thought it was a very enjoyable story but I would like to delve into Melanie’s personality a little bit more.
Twitter: @chrissiemanby
Website: www.chrissiemanby.co.uk

An Accidental Proposal by Louise Marley
Luca is a celebrity and with that status comes attention and lots of it but he’s had enough. He’s feeling emotional and all he wants is his best friend, but that’s not going to happen. He’s hiding in New Orleans when he accidentally bumps into a new journalist – uh oh. I liked the fact that we read about another character’s point of view and especially that we went ten minutes back in time to see how they met. It’s a romantic story which will have you falling in love with Luca.
Twitter: @LouiseMarley
Website: www.louisemarley.co.uk

Beneath The Bay Bridge by Holly Martin
Rosie has landed in San Francisco, ready to meet her forgetful boyfriend Leon, but guess what? He’s a no show. When we meet Cameron, Holly set up their chemistry really nicely. It wasn’t rushed but it didn’t drag on and on. Leon was long forgotten about in my eyes. Rosie and Cameron would work really well together in a novel.
Twitter: @hollymartin00
Website: www.hollymartin.wordpress.com

Anything Else by Martel Maxwell
“I love a train journey. I like to imagine who lives in the houses whizzing by.” I instantly liked the opening of this story because I immediately thought, “oh, I do that.” Marley has arrived in London and she likes her life the way it is, but over in America, she likes to pretend to be other people. For me, the journey was a little bit disjointed. I liked the idea behind it but at times, I had no idea which country I was supposed to be reading about.
Twitter: @martelmaxwell
Website: www.martelmaxwell.com

A Lost Night In Louisiana by Nigel May
Kim has woken up and she’s not sure where she is. All she has is a note and a telephone number. New Orleans, what have you done to her? “There was only one way to make babies and that was by doing the horizontal hip-hop between the sheets.” Nigel’s writing style is quirky, unexpected and I just couldn’t stop reading.
Twitter: @Nigel_May
Website: www.nigelmay.net

Earth, Water, Fire & Air by Cressida McLaughlin
Hannah is alone is Crete, but she’s enjoying herself, for once. There is a lot of Greek historical background in the story, which I really enjoyed reading about. Hannah is working her way through the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. But why? What was her reason for doing so? I enjoyed Cressida’s writing style and I hope she gets published in the very near future.
Twitter: @CressMcLaughlin

A Blood Lily From Moses by Roisin Meaney
Emma doesn’t like labels sticking out of clothes. She’s in Dublin Airport, flying to London before heading to Africa. She’s heartbroken and needs this safari as a “clear your mind” kind of trip. For me, the scenes were a bit jumpy and I would have preferred two countries rather than three because it wasn’t one hundred per cent clear where we were in the world. I think Emma was a brilliant character and she’d work really well in a full novel.
Twitter: @roisinmeaney
Website: www.roisinmeaney.com

Currywurst Convert by Kiri Mills
Brooke and Kim will never be friends. Brooke is being sent to Germany whilst Kim is jetting setting first class to New York. I know which one I’d prefer… But will Brooke’s trip turn out better than Kim’s? For me, I got these two characters mixed up far too much. I thought Kim was Brooke and Brooke was Kim – don’t ask me why, I don’t know. The descriptions were vivid and I loved that they covered all five senses.

Chances Are by Nicola Moriarty
I couldn’t wait to read this story as its set in my favourite country – New Zealand. Delilah-Grace is only seven years old, but don’t let that fool you. She’s got a heart of gold and is willing to help all of her neighbours. Will her own wish come true? This story really touched me and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Big praise coming your way Nicola, it was incredible.
Twitter: @NikkiM3