Sunlounger 2 Week: Day Four

Sunlounger 2

Welcome to Day 4 of Sunlounger 2 Week. This is the final day of reviews.
Tomorrow will see a guest post from the creator, Belinda Jones.

Dreams Of Pushkar by Alexandra Potter
Our narrator is the happiest girl in the world but when it suddenly comes crashing down, she doesn’t know what to do without her beloved Will. What I liked the most about them as a couple was that they clicked straight away and in short stories, it usually takes a while for the chemistry to come through, but not this time. This is a really moving and quite touching story. It’s made me fall in love with Alexandra’s writing style.
Twitter: @alexpotterbooks
Website: www.alexandrapotter.com

Like A Waterfall by Wendy Rigg
Corinne is showing her ex what he’s missing – by posting a picture of Ibiza on Instagram. Oh yes, because that’ll win him back.. When she finds a cryptic message in a bottle, I instantly wondered who it was from – the ex or somebody new? I really enjoyed Wendy’s writing style – it picked up the pace towards the end which I loved.
Twitter: @wendyrigg

Sandals And Sangria by Talli Roland
Our female narrator is in Barcelona, doing everything her ex husband hates. Yes girl! I loved that about her. But when she bumps into him and has a little chat, I wanted to slap him. What a hypocrite he is. It was a brilliantly fun style of writing and could easily be made into a “find yourself” kind of novel.
Twitter: @TalliRoland
Website: www.talliroland.com

The First Last Dive by Ruth Saberton
Tess is in the beautiful Cayman Islands and with extreme vivid descriptions, we’re there with her. The amount of description was superb and I love that at the beginning of a story. She’s on her last day of diving but her brain is too busy thinking about Luke. She wants him here and to tell her that all will be okay, but he’s not and I didn’t know where he was or why he wasn’t with her. I loved the descriptive writing.
Twitter: @RuthSaberton
Website: www.ruthsaberton.co.uk

The Paris Journal by Juliette Sobanet
Olivia is at her parents house, but for the first time, they’re not there. Her boss wants her back at work in New York. I thought it was lovely and very touching to see how Olivia managed without her parents. She is a grown adult but at times, it proved tricky. Juliette’s words drew me in and I was hooked.
Twitter: @JulietteSobanet
Website: www.juliettesobanet.com

Soaring Hearts by Katie Stephens
Alice is heading to Santorini in Greece with her Gran to scatter her Granddad’s ashes. The relationship between Alice and Gran was very special and I loved how trustworthy they were with one another, especially when secrets were revealed. It was a real family oriented story which I really liked reading.
Twitter: @KatieStephensGB
Website: www.katiestephens.com

You’ll Be Dead By Dawn by C. L. Taylor
Someone is dead… What a way to begin a story! I’ve heard that Cally’s writing is addictive, but oh my lord, I didn’t realise how addictive it was. Two men and one woman are stranded on an island in Thailand – one of them is dead and another is about to join them. This really needs to be a novel because it’s absolutely superb.
Twitter: @callytaylor
Website: www.cltaylorauthor.com

Bride Comes Before A Fall by Jo Thomas
Our narrator is about to get married, but she’s stuck in a toilet, in France. Oh dear, oh dear… I loved Cedric The Peacock – he was a hoot! The story focuses around the whole “will she marry him?” aspect. There was no real indication that the story was set in France though – minus the destination input at the beginning and the French groom, but there was no description of where we were.
Twitter: @jo_thomas01
Website: www,jothomaswrites.blogspot.co.uk

The Accidental Bridesmaid by Stephanie Wahlstrom
At 3:42 am, it’s always a good trip to book a trip to Cape Town after a few drinks with your best friend. But there’s a reason why the girls are going – operation: win back an ex boyfriend. “Hadn’t she seen Happy Feet? I was willing to risk a finger to pet a penguin.” I thought the story was filled with romance and it was just a gorgeous summer read.
Twitter: @Bacon_N_Legs
Website: www.stephaniewahlstrom.com

The Dentist by Anna-Lou Weatherley
Maggie is working in Santorini when tooth problem strikes. Towards the ending of the story, something dramatic happens. Can all dentists be trusted? Well, after reading about this one, I’m even more creeped out about them. Anna-Lou has a wonderful sense of direction with her stories and I thought it was a thrilling read.
Twitter: @annaloulondon
Website: www.annalouweatherley.com

In Paris, With You by Julia Williams
Julia’s stories are always filled with beautiful descriptions of the place around and I love that. Now that we’re in Paris, she lets us explore with the characters and fall madly in love with the city of love. The story recalls how she met the love of her life which I thought was incredibly sweet – but what has happened to them? Are they still together?
Twitter: @JCCWilliams
Website: www.juliawilliamsauthor.com