Review of Seeing Other People by Mike Gayle



Published: 28th August 2014
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Pages: 368


Father of two Joe Clarke is about seventy-eight per cent sure he’s just had an affair. After all that is the hopelessly attractive office intern in bed next to him isn’t it? But then again if he did have an affair why can’t he remember anything at all about the night in question? Mortified by his mistake, Joe vows to be a better man. But when his adored wife Penny puts two and two together and leaves him, things start to take a turn for the decidedly strange.
Joe is told for a fact that he DIDN’T have an affair after all.

He just thinks he did.

Which is great news…or at least it would be if the person who’d just delivered it wasn’t the crisp-eating, overly perfumed and mean-spirited GHOST of his least favourite ex-girlfriend…


Thank you to Hodder & Stoughton for kindly sending me a review copy. I’ve never read any of Mike Gayle’s books before, this was my first and I’m really looking forward to reading the rest.

Joe Clarke has woken up, naked, next to Penny the company intern, who also happens to be naked. Uh oh. But the thing is, Joe doesn’t seem like the cheating type. Readers may have only just started to read about him and get to know him, but for me, I had such a strong connection with him. It’s very rare for me to really love reading from a male’s perspective as I’m used to reading from a female point of view, but with Mike’s incredibly addictive writing style, I was head over heels from page one.

“Is that something people do these days? Make lists of who they want at their funeral like it’s a birthday party?”

The past memory of how Joe met Fiona and his future wife Penny was very refreshing to read. But if anything, it showed us that Fiona had a reason to come back, haunt Joe and make his life hell. He didn’t do anything to her though… He just fell in love with someone else. Big ouch! I couldn’t wait for Fiona’s ghost to make an appearance and when she did, it came along with a big twist which I absolutely loved. Mike took the plot, allowed the reader to believe that they knew where it was going and then he slapped them in the face with the unexpected. Bravo Mr Gayle.

Mike’s writing was extremely refreshing. It was almost as if I were reading a book for the very first time. I was brought into a whole new world, full of the unexpected, full of beautifully vivid descriptions and characters who I just adored. I really warmed to Joe as a main character – he was energetic, kind, considerate and a true family man despite his “cheating.” With Mike’s words, I really felt a part of the narrative and involved with the Clarke family. The emotions ran deep through my imagination and I couldn’t wait to see how the story would unfold.

If you’re going to read a book by a man this year, make sure it’s this one as it’s the best second chance book I’ve ever read.

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