Alice Peterson Talks One Step Closer To You

When Emma asked me to contribute to her blog, giving her 5 people I’d like to be one step closer to, given the title of my book I thought it was such a good idea and couldn’t resist. So I started to make a list in my head before realising it’s quite hard to pin it down to just 5. I am fortunate enough to be exceptionally close to my parents, to my family, to my friends… so my list comprises of a real contrast of people that I’d love to have a coffee with, a chance encounter with, sit next to at a dinner, flirt with, have a friendship with; maybe I’d like to just meet them to say a thank you. So here goes:

1.) The band Kodaline.
My sister introduced me to this group and when I watched their video of ‘All I Want’ Part One and Two, immediately I thought I’d give anything to meet them. Their lyrics and videos are about love, loss and hope. They are moving and funny and celebrate the underdog and those who are different. Plus their films feature dogs! I’d love them to produce a song and video for one of my books. They seem to get life and come across so honest and lovely. Love them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtf7hC17IBM

Writer Alice Peterson.

2.) Sir Ravinder Nath Maini – Rheumatology Professor.
He pioneered the treatment I take for my rheumatoid arthritis, my magic drug that has kept me well, happy and independent for the past 10 years. I have met him once and it was such a privilege, but it was only a very quick encounter. I’d love to see him again to let him know how much he has done for 1000s of people like me. Really, I’d like to thank him for giving me my life back.

3.) Brendan Cole, Strictly Come Dancing.
I love SCD, and have always had a soft spot for Brendan. I love the mischief in his eyes and how he’s a rule breaker. It would be a real challenge for Brendan to teach me how to dance, but I’m sure he loves challenges.
Update: Brendan has tweeted both Alice and Emma – he’s read the post! Eeek.

48790_One Step Closer To You_PB.indd

4.) Sarah Lancashire, Actress.
After watching Happy Valley, I have a girly crush on her. I think she is the most amazing actress. I’d love to find myself sitting next to her on a long train journey. Like Judy Dench she completely inhabits the characters she plays. If there were a film made of One Step Closer To You I’d want her to play Aunt Vivienne.

5.) David Nicholls, author of One Day and Us.
I’m a big fan of his writing, I could not put One Day down and I know I’ll be rushing out to buy the hard copy of Us published this month. His writing is so perceptive and warm, funny and engaging. I also think he comes from the Winchester area, which is where I was brought up. So David, if you’re reading this…

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