Review of Waiting For Doggo by Mark B. Mills

Published: 20th November 2014
Publisher: Headline
Pages: 224


No-one ever called Dan a pushover. But then no-one ever called him fast-track either. He likes driving slowly, playing Sudoku on his iPhone, swapping one scruffy jumper for another. He’s been with Clara for four years and he’s been perfectly happy; but now she’s left him, leaving nothing but a long letter filled with incriminations and a small, white, almost hairless dog, named Doggo. So now Dan is single, a man without any kind of partner whether working or in love. He’s just one reluctant dog owner.


Thank you to Headline for kindly sending me a review copy.

The narrative begins with our main character Daniel being dumped by his girlfriend Clara. She’s done the cowardly thing and written a letter instead of explaining to his face. Not to mention, she’s left him with the dog: Doggo. They didn’t really want him but he was supposed to be a “fix-our-relationship” kind of animal. That didn’t work out, obviously…

Doggo is made out to be an unwanted, scruffy and ugly dog. But I think deep down, Daniel does need him around especially now that Clara has done a runner. Sadly, it doesn’t come across that way and it takes Daniel a while to realise that Doggo is the one who has the ability to mend his heart. I liked the fact that Daniel and Doggo bonded over balls (not the kind you kick!) – it was an amusing sense of bringing a person and an animal close together.

I thought Mark’s writing style was interesting but sadly for me, I just wasn’t hooked. I found myself reading on, hoping that something amazing would jump out at me but it just didn’t happen. It felt all mono-tone and no spark. I wanted to be added to the collection of book bloggers who really enjoyed this book, but I just couldn’t get into it at all and despite the hype surrounding the book, it just didn’t grab me.