Review of The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene



Published: 9th October 2014
Publisher: Little Brown
Pages: 416


Charismatic journalist Charlotte is on a mission to scope out Britain’s best tea rooms. She knows she’s found something special in the Seafront Tea Rooms but is it a secret she should share? Kathryn, a single mother whose only sanctuary is the ‘Seafront’, convinces Charlie to keep the place out of her article by agreeing to join her on her search. Together with another regular, Seraphine, a culture-shocked French au pair with a passion for pastry-making, they travel around the country discovering quaint hideaways and hidden gems. But what none of them expect is for their journey to surprise them with discoveries of a different kind…


Thank you to Little Brown for kindly sending me a review copy along with a goodie bag filled with sweets!

The narrative opens in Scarborough, France and New York with three very different ladies. Kat deserves a break in life, as she is constantly trying to make ends meet whilst pleasing her three year old son. Seraphine wants some culture in her life and hops on a plane to the UK without a second thought. Then there’s Charlie – the workaholic of her family, yet she can’t seem to please them. I immediately loved these characters and the others surrounding them.

The plot was light, warm, relaxing and comforting. Vanessa’s writing was extremely inviting and there wasn’t a dull moment. In terms of having three leading ladies, in the past, I’ve normally favoured one over the other two – but this wasn’t the case with The Seafront Tea Room as I loved every single point of view which was brought to us. The characters really clicked with one another and their lives were so indulging. I valued their lives, their journeys and their thoughts quite a lot and I was gutted when I turned the page to spot the word ‘epilogue’ because I didn’t want it to end. I really liked that Vanessa put the topic of family/friends before romance in this narrative and as I read a lot of Chick-Lit, this was really refreshing and a lovely change.

It’s the first book which I’ve read by Vanessa and it certainly won’t be the last. If you’re a lover of tea – then this is one for you!

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