Review of #2Sides: My Autobiography by Rio Ferdinand


Published: 2nd October 2014
Publisher: Blink
Pages: 304


Candid, outspoken and supremely honest, and including interviews with those close to him, #2Sides is Rio’s unique story: from his early days in Peckham, through to picking up the Champions League trophy on a rainy summer’s night in Moscow, #2Sides is the tell-all account of an extraordinary and controversial life in the game. On winning and losing; on defending and attacking; on Moyes, management and fellow players; on John Terry, lost friendships and ongoing rivalries; on the love and hate of the beautiful game; and on playing for club, country and for yourself – this is a full spectrum of life at the very top of the footballing tree, and a superb retrospective of a truly fascinating career.


Thank you to Blink for kindly sending me a copy.

I never review autobiographies and in fact, I think I’ve only read three, maybe four in my twenty-three years – all been ones from footballers or Sir Alex. When I saw on Twitter, from Rio himself, that he was bringing out an autobiography, I was excited. I’ve admired him for many years and now, I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that he won’t be kicking a ball on the pitch for much longer. But who knows?

Rio Ferdinand began playing football at an early age and throughout his life, he’s always played for respect. It’s never been about the money or the fame which comes for playing for Manchester United. He’s a footballer because he loves the game. In the early chapters, Rio spoke of how he has worked his way up to the top, from cleaning boots to scoring the last goal at Sir Alex’s final home match. He points out the obvious – young players have it easy and respect has gone down the drain.

The moment you start hearing what the fans are shouting you think, “woah, I’m not in the game, I’m not in the right frame of mind here,” and you concentrate harder.

Rio’s autobiography surprised me if I’m completely honest. I expected him to talk about racism, but I didn’t expect a chapter on gay footballers. For me, he has gone up another notch in my book. His own words in this book are allowing him to express his true opinions without holding back and I really admire that. The chapters on his fellow footballers such as Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes were a wonderful insight. I was unaware that Rio and Lampard were the best of friends back in the day, but with playing as rivals, it seems to have taken its toll on their friendship.

I thought #2Sides was more than a look at Rio’s life, his words of wisdom teach his readers to respect your elders and working from the bottom will get you far in life. The best autobiography I’ve ever read.

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