Daily Recommendations

How can YOU get more book recommendations out of me? There are two simple steps…


Throughout the month of November, I will be tweeting and instagramming book recommendations. If you’ve visited my blog before, you will notice that I have a recommendations page. You are free to browse that at any time. But I thought I would try something new.

My good friends over at Headline are hosting #bookadayuk over on Twitter and I’ve decided to join in.


If you would like to know my answers to these daily questions, follow me on Twitter @EmmaIsWriting and scroll down to see my thoughts on the first two days. Hopefully, I won’t forget to post my thoughts. It’d be rather awkward otherwise.


On Instagram, I’m also taking part in a daily posting but this time, it’s through the use of pictures *obviously…* I’m not 100% sure who is the main host of this particular project but I know it’s been going on for most of the year. If you know, please inform me!


If you would like to follow my daily pictures of #novemberbookchallenge14 – head over to my instagram @emmathereader and you will already be able to view the first two. Just by looking at this list, I know I’m going to struggle with particular days but I guess that’s just the way it goes. If you do spot that I’ve missed a day, it’s probably because I feel uncomfortable answering the question.

Enjoy the daily recommendations!
Do feel free to join in with the two hashtags – #bookadayuk (Twitter) and #novemberbookchallenge14 (Instagram)



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