Review of An Eligible Bachelor by Veronica Henry

Published: 9th October 2014
Published: Orion
Pages: 464


When Guy wakes up with a terrible hang-over and a new fiancée, he tries not to panic. After all, Richenda is beautiful, famous, successful… What reason could he have for doubts? As news of the engagement between the heir of Eversleigh Manor and the darling of prime-time television spreads through the village, Guy wonders if he’s made a rash decision. Especially when he meets Honor, a new employee of the Manor who has a habit of getting under his skin. But Honor has her own troubles – a son who’s missing a father, and an ex-boyfriend who has made an unexpected reappearance…


Thank you to Orion for kindly sending me a review copy.

Guy wakes up, hungover and engaged. Not only that but the ring once belonged to his Grandmother which is a BIG DEAL!! Within six months, Guy and Richenda have met, fallen in “love,” and become engaged. Without an ounce of dialogue on the first two pages, Veronica conveys the scene beautifully with her splendid descriptions. She’s the Queen of descriptions, I’m certain.

“It was practically his party piece, proposing to girls when he was drunk.”

As well as the highly detailed descriptions, Veronica also writes change in view point very well. When I’ve read other books by different authors, I’ve had to go back and think of who is talking next but that’s never the case when I’m reading a Veronica Henry book. Despite the chemistry between the newly engaged couple, Richenda was living in a fantasy world – she was too caught up in the celebrity world.

Veronica’s characters are always full of life, relatable and there’s always a sense of familiarity with them all. I really enjoyed how Honor and Guy’s stuck up mother Madeline were connected. But at times, I wanted to be shown how the characters were feeling rather than being told. The plot finished on a delightful note which I really enjoyed and reminded me of why I enjoy reading Veronica’s books.

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