#Blogmas Meeting Dermot O’Leary

Happy December! I’m here once again to bring you a lifestyle blog and as my Liverpool Christmas Markets post was such a hit, I thought I would add yet another one to my list.

On Monday 1st December, I hopped on the train to Liverpool to wait in line to meet the one, the only – Mr Dermot O’Leary. Now, if you don’t know who Dermot is: Google Image him (phwoar) or just watch The X Factor (UK) this evening as he is the presenter.


At 11:30am, I walked into Liverpool One Waterstones and took my place in the queue – barriers were already outside in case hundreds of people turned up but thankfully, I was seventh in line so I was able to wait an hour and a half in the warm. As I waited, a conversation struck up between myself and the lady in front of me – we talked about everything from films to TV to pets to anything – she was lovely and the time just flew by!

Dermot arrived in the store to a crowd of cheers. What I first noticed about him was his smile – he was really happy to be there. Quite a lot of celebrity authors tend to go through the back way and they wouldn’t dream of walking through the front door. But that’s another thing that makes Dermot so loveable – he’s an ordinary person who has an extraordinary life.

When it was my turn to meet the handsome author, my book was handed over to him by a member of staff and he instantly greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. What I noticed was that unlike many – he was stood in front of the table. I think a lot of people expected him to sit down and sign books that way, but no. He was stood up, eager to meet fans and sign books.


As you can see from the picture above, Dermot gave me a rather big hug – after all, he did promise me one on Twitter and when I gently reminded him, he remembered. Overall, I can’t praise him enough. He was very friendly, funny, caring and having a five minute chat with him was an utter delight. I went away smelling like him but sadly, I’ve had to have a wash…

Not only did I meet the X Factor host, but Liverpool Echo have very kindly used a tweet in their article about Dermot’s visit to the city:

Christmas definitely came early for me!

EL xx




3 thoughts on “#Blogmas Meeting Dermot O’Leary

  1. Wow, how lucky to get a hug from Dermot. I always feel envious of all those x factor contestants for their hugs. I’m glad he is as nice in real life as he seems on tv.
    Thanks for sharing the photos!
    p.s. Loving your lifestyle posts aswell as your book reviews.


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