#Blogmas: Christmas Nails

Ho Ho Ho!

I’m back once more with a different kind of blog post. This past week has been me being curled up in bed, fighting away a cold, the flu AND a sore throat – but thankfully, I’m on the mend. On Friday evening, I decided to paint my nails in order to cheer myself up. This colour is exceptionally beautiful and works perfectly at this time of year, but then again, red is a great colour all year round!

Lauren Conrad once said that nail polish is the perfect accessory and I completely agree. I know that it’s very easy to apply nail polish but I just wanted to share how I get the perfect finish.

Choose your main colour:



Colour: [2] Lady In Red
Brand: Collection Work The Colour
Available From: Boots/Superdrug
Price: £1.99

I’ve really enjoyed this nail polish collection for a couple of months now – they’re very well priced, great range of colours and they dry SO quickly. I’m the worst when it comes to painting my nails and then touching items around the house so this is ideal for me. The red allows me to feel really festive but they’re also a wonderful touch if you’re heading to a meeting/interview etc.


After two coats of the coloured polish (let them dry in between), you already have a very polished and perfect look.

Choose your top coat:



Colour: Shade No. 1
Brand: 2true
Available From: Boots/Superdrug
Price: £1.99

2true is a collection which I’ve recently come across and I found them in my local Superdrug when I was looking for a clear colour to use on top of my coloured nails for that lasting effect. I’ve tried many – believe me! But this collection is just the best. The gloss dries very quickly – much like the other selection of nail polishes.


VOILA! This is the finished look. It’s not up to the standard in which professionals do it, but it’s a home job and I’m perfectly okay with that!

I really do hope you have enjoyed this type of blog post – please do leave a comment letting me know what you think. I thought I could try something special with it being #Blogmas and all. Let me know what colour you’ll be painting your nails this Christmas! Don’t forget your toes as well.

EL xx