#Blogmas Review of I Will Marry George Clooney (…By Christmas) by Tracy Bloom

Published: 9th October 2014
Publisher: Arrow
Pages: 384


Slogging her guts out in a chicken factory, whilst single-handedly bringing up a teenager who hates her, is far from the life that 36-year-old Michelle had planned. But marrying the most eligible man on the planet by Christmas could change all that, couldn’t it? Sometimes your only option is to dream the impossible – because you never know where it might take you…


The book opens with a wedding. No, not George Clooney’s sadly. Michelle’s life long best friend Gina has said her I do’s and now they’re kind of enjoying a not-so lavish party with slimy chicken. What I found odd was that Michelle and Gina have known each other since they’ve been in nappies, yet Michelle wasn’t part of the wedding party but her daughter was. Michelle is determined that she’s going to marry George Clooney and when she announced this goal to her family and friends, I was shocked of how rude they were!

“You’re too fat to marry George Clooney.” 

The plot wasn’t just about the task of George Clooney, it was about friendship, family, grieving, parenting, finding love, home truths and much more. It was jam packed with different themes and every chapter tackled a different one. Michelle’s determination to marry Mr Clooney slowly started to get on my nerves because I had a strong feeling that it wouldn’t happen. She deserved happiness but I didn’t think an A-Lister would do that.

Tracy’s writing was fresh, unique and flowed really well across the page. Sadly, I didn’t find the plot funny and that was a slight disappointment because I’ve heard other book bloggers screaming about how funny Tracy’s books are. Perhaps it’s my stupid dry sense of humour?

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