#Blogmas Top 5 Festive Books



I love books whether they’re Christmas related or not. Throughout the past week or so of November and December, I’ve been reading festive books non-stop and today, I’m going to share my top 5 with you.


When Alex moves to Poldore, the narrative explodes with festive mayhem! I enjoyed this book so much last year – it was my favourite then and still remains at the top spot. Scarlett has the creativity juices flowing throughout and I abandoned my life in order to finish it. Finding true love at Christmas and solving your problems IS possible. If only Poldore was a real place, I would happily live there.

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Following on from One Perfect Summer, we join Alice and Joe (swoon) over Christmas time. I will state now that this is a short story but it’s one that you can easily read within an hour or so. It’s utterly festive, beautifully written and it’s standard that a favourite of mine is going to be by Paige Toon. It’s one which I’m definitely going to reread every single Christmas…

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Giovanna captured her readers hearts with Billy And Me in 2013 and this year, she’s bringing Christmas to Rosefront Hill. With a surprise proposal happening, Giovanna allows the reader to THINK they know who will be getting married but don’t be fooled as she’s full of surprises. If you have a nosy over on my Blogmas page and find Wednesday 10th, then you’ll be able to read my review.

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From blossoming relationships to building your career, A Christmas To Remember covers it all. The festive atmosphere was on high alert from the very beginning. Jenny made sure that the readers felt at home throughout the book and I would really love to see Carrie and Adam in another book – perhaps a summer one?

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Just like I said in my festive film post, the final one ought to be higher up but because it’s the one I’ve most recently read, that’s why it’s lower down. Well I never thought I’d be hooked on a mystery during Christmas time and this doesn’t exactly scream HO HO HO, but that’s why I enjoyed it so much. If you want to read my full review, it went up yesterday so just flick back through my blog to see my thoughts.

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That is it. Which books of those have you read recently? Please do leave recommendations in the comments for other readers! I hope you’ve found your perfect festive read to indulge in.

EL xx