#Blogmas Top 5 Favourite Things About Christmas


Christmas is all about comfort, spending time with your loved ones, rocking out in your onesies and eating as much as you like.Β Today, I’m going to share my Top 5 Favourite Things About Christmas. Sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy.

ONE: The Build Up


Becoming an Aunty has definitely allowed me to feel more excited about Christmas. Listening to my oldest nephew say ‘Santa’ makes me unbelievably happy and he’s only 1 year and 7 months. Watching the dark nights roll in and being able to snuggle down is ideal. I just hope it snows this year!

TWO: The Films


Being able to watch Christmas films is sheer delight in my eyes. I actually blogged about my Top 5 Films on Saturday so you’ll be able to have a nosy at that. By having the twinkly lights on, it makes the atmosphere even cosier.

THREE: The Pigs In Blankets


If you’re unsure what pigs in blankets are – they’re little sausages wrapped in bacon. ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! If you’ve never tried them, please treat yourself to some this Christmas. For me, the scent of the festive season is definitely pigs in blanket.

FOUR: Present Buying


Buying the presents, wrapping them, adding cute tags and putting them in bags is something I love. I tend to start my Christmas shopping during late October and it’s usually complete by the beginning of December.

FIVE: The Tree


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! I used to enjoy going out in wellington boots and picking a Christmas tree but now that we’ve got an artifical one, it’s not all that fun anymore. Never the less, decorating the tree is always an favourite.

Share in the comments below what you enjoy the most about Christmas.

EL xx