#Blogmas Home Decor

With Christmas only a week away, I wanted to share with you how my home is decorated during the festive period. Unlike the beauty posts which I’ve been doing, I won’t be including shop names of where these items were bought as we’ve collected them over the year. I will let you know which are home-made and if I can remember, I’ll include some shop names!

If you’re interested in seeing how our tree has been decorated, come back to my blog tomorrow!

*Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any shops! All products have been bought.

The Living Room


For the fireplace this year, my mum has decided to remove the lumps of coal and to include some gorgeous gold and sparkly baubles. Apparently it’s the “in” thing for this year (or so she says!). Our fire is fake so fear not!




Both of these reindeer decorations are items from my arty phase throughout my final two years at High School. I used to attend a ceramic class after school and these are the finished products! They’ve lasted a good seven years. The one on top of the fire is by far my favourite – the colours scream Christmas! The bottom reindeer is a pot in which we fill up with our choice of festive chocolates.


Candles are a great addition to the festive period. On the left, we have a heavenly candle which my Nan gave to me. It’s a blackberry scent and it’s only from the Pound Shop – winner! On the right, we have my precious owl candle from Marks & Spencer. The head of the owl was filled with a grapefruit and ginger scent but now, it is filled with a little Yankee fruit fusion which is just divine!


Snowglobes are my thing. I’ve loved them since I was a little girl and last year, we were finally give one from my cousin when she visited New York. Funny that I went there last November and didn’t purchase one. This is only a mini one but it’s absolutely gorgeous and then, when you shake it…



Stockings are supposed to go on the fireplace, right? Not in our household, we just tend to hang it in front of where we kept our alcoholic beverages. We never fill the stocking but it’s lovely for sheer decoration.


My Mum spotted these cute plant decorations and we’ve got a couple floating around the house…

The Kitchen


Wine stoppers are a must, especially if you’ve got guests and the bottle isn’t a screw top. This is incredibly festive and despite not knowing where they’re from, I hear that they’re only a couple of £.


This little fellow is my favourite – a grumpy owl, what else could you need? This has just been simply put into a plant pot and it adds a little more volume to the decor.


I finally own a Christmas mug! This was £2 from a warehouse shop and I absolutely love it. It’s ideal for hot chocolate, tea and even soup! I’ve been using it every single day in December and yes, it is washed…

The Bedroom


This is a tradition in my household; that this little Christmas tree is in my bedroom. One year, I only took it down in April as I loved having it on display so much. Pretty sure I didn’t get any bad luck as well.

In my room, I also have fairy lights draped around my books and along my windowsill but sadly, the pictures were absolutely awful and I didn’t want to include them.

The Porch




I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how we’ve decorated our home. The tree post is coming tomorrow!

EL xx