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#Blogmas My 2015 Blog Resolutions


New Year Resolutions are easily broken. We make pacts with people not to eat chocolate, to join a gym together, to eat more fruit, to travel more, to read more or to spend less money. The truth is that these “resolutions” are usually broken within a week or two. I’m yet to meet someone who has completed a whole year by sticking to their new rules. Have you? Well, you’re *hopefully* about to…

For 2015, I want to do the following in regards to my blog. This way, I can’t break my promise as it’s written here – on your screen, in front of you all. So what are my resolutions?

1. Add More Variety

You will have seen over Blogmas that I’ve been including Beauty and Lifestyle posts and to be honest, I’ve been really enjoying them. It’s a great way to get out more, to experience more of the world I live in and to be more open about which products I buy.

2. Monthly Reread

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a couple of weeks now and I’m really starting to think about the idea more and more. Each month, I’m going to reread a book which I’ve really enjoyed in the past. This ties in nicely with #1 as it’s more variety. See what I did there?

3. Host Another #Sunathon

If you’re new to my blog, you may have missed the readathon which I hosted in July. #Sunathon was a week long readathon and 600 people (publishers, authors, book bloggers and readers) were involved. It was a fantastic week and I’m definitely going to host another. Details to come in the later months.

4. Meet More Bloggers

I’ve already met a couple of bloggers, but I’d really like to meet more. Obviously, I can’t travel to America just for a cup of tea but seeing as I live in the North West, it’s an okay region to arrange to a meet up in. I’ve already got a couple in the pipe line so watch this space for a possible blog post.

5. Ignore The Haters

If you’ve read the post I wrote in Summer titled;Β My Letter To The Book Blogging Community,Β you will have seen the events which unfolded. It’s a standard quote which many people say: “oh, just ignore them.” In reality, it’s not that easy. You know what I say to the bully who constantly watches my Twitter feed and makes pathetic comments? Nothing. I say nothing.

Do YOU have any blog resolutions? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me.

EL xx


12 thoughts on “#Blogmas My 2015 Blog Resolutions

  1. Yay for all of these! Your resolutions are great and I am definitely looking forward to another #sunathon! I love that your adding new content too, it’s good to mix it up sometimes.


  2. Great resolutions! I have only ever kept one resolution for a whole year and that was to give up McDonalds, Burger King and KFC. I managed the whole year and I still don’t really eat them, so at least I can say one resolution has worked.


      1. Very occasionally when I’m hungover I’ll want one and then I remember the students I teach like to hang out at McDonalds and I quickly change my mind x


  3. My sort of resolution is to give myself no challenges. I’ve had a few personal issues in 2014 and part of the way I copied with them is by dropping my reading challenges. Feeling like I had deadlines for blogging was just an added stress. I still had review copies to read so I kept that ‘job’ but once I have read the ones I have I’m going to be more selective about weekday I expect. And I’m not going to worry about the number of posts I get out in a week, I’ve only had 1 this week, but that’s ok. Blogging is meant to be fun so I want to be more relaxed about it


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