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#Blogmas Beauty & Skincare 2014 Favourites

2015 is almost upon us and for the very first time, I’ve rounded up my Beauty & Skincare 2014 Favourites. Sit back, relax, enjoy and let me know which products you’ve been enjoying this year!

*Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by any of these brands, I’ve bought them all and worked very hard in order to bring you all the correct details from where you can purchase them from.

FACE: Creams, Concealer, Powder and Bronzer


Brand: Johnson’s Face Care
Product: Daily Essentials Hydrating 24 Hour Day Cream With SPF15
Price: £3.99
Superdrug, Boots and Supermarkets

Brand: Johnson’s Face Care
Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Wash
Price: £3.29
Available: Superdrug, Boots and Supermarkets

Brand: Nivea
Product: Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream
Price: £4.28
Available: Boots, BodyCare (Cheap, Cheap, Cheap), Superdrug and Supermarkets


Nivea is a brand which I’ve been using since I was born. It’s the one product which I can’t live without – I buy different size pots (depends on the offers) as well as a travel tube for my handbag. The cream is moisturising but it doesn’t make your face sticky and it’s ideal for your day time or night time routine. Because I’ve been using this product for my entire life, it’s gradually given my skin that effortless, glowy look.


I purchased both of these products very early on in December as I really need to develop my skincare routine rather than just using the Nivea cream. The exfoliating wash is used every other evening and the day cream is used every single morning before I apply my makeup. Just like Nivea, I’ve been using Johnson’s since I was baby so I know that with the both of these products, my skin won’t react as my skin is overly sensitive.


Brand: Natural Collection
Product: Pressed Powder
Colour: Warm
Price: £1.99
Available From: Boots

Brand: Natural Collection
Product: SunTint Bronzing Pearls
Colour: Tropical Tan
Price: £1.99


As I don’t wear foundation, this pressed powder is ideal for keeping my concealer under wraps. It’s not the best powder as it does tend to sink into my skin rather than sit gently on top and if too much is applied, I turn orange. However, it is just under £2 so I can’t really expect a miracle. I’ve had it for a good six months and I use it every single day and it’s still in great condition.


Since high school, I’ve used bronzing pearls (from both Avon and Natural Collection) to give me that holiday glow. I’m a ghost so to look as natural as possible, I only add a tiny bit. The only issue I have with this particular pot is that sometimes the little balls get caught up in my brush and scatter on the bathroom floor.

Note to self: never apply in my bedroom as my carpet is cream!

EYES: Shadows (Singular & Palettes) and Eyeliner


Brand: MAC
Product: Singular Eyeshadow
Colour: Era
Price: £13
Available From: Brand Store, Debenhams, Airports

Brand: Sunkissed
Product: Eyeshadow Palette
Colour: Bronze
Price: £2.99 [On Website]
Available From: Superdrug


MAC are a brand who I’ve been using since I was eighteen and I’ve only ever bought eye products from their stores. The prices are expensive, however, they do last on your face for a good twelve (maybe even more) hours and the products themselves don’t run out within a couple of weeks. I’ve had this particular eyeshadow since my 22nd birthday which was in December 2012 and just look at how much is left! Amazing.


Sunkissed are a tanning company but I randomly stumbled across this palette in a bargain shop next door to my local ASDA and for £1, I couldn’t resist. This is perfect as I’ve trying my best to teach myself how to blend eyeshadows together. The couples are great for my brown eyes and brown hair. I’m yet to use every single eyeshadow but I’m slowly making my way through. I might do a review in 2015.


Brand: L’Oreal Paris
Product: Super Liner Ultra Precision
Colour: Black
Price: £6.49
Available From: 
Superdrug, Boots, Supermarkets

Brand: MAC
Product: Pro Longwear Eyeliner
Colour: Black
Price: £16.50
Available From: Brand Store, Debenhams, Airports



I will never find a liquid eyeliner like this. The ultra precision from the nib of the pen is perfect for my eyes, it allows me to create the ideal flick from the corner and if I want a dramatic look, it’s very easy to create. When I began wearing liquid eyeliner around the age of 21, I wanted one which I could rely on and this has become my makeup best friend. Paying £6.49 is worth it and I’m not ashamed to pay that. A lot of people would rather pay a lot less and believe me, I’ve tried that but I always come back to this beauty.


I deeply regret two things to do with this eyeliner:

1. Not buying another when I was in Orlando as they were selling them for $6 – silly, silly Emma!

2. Not sharpening the pencil before taking the picture. Whoops..

I’ve been struggling for a really long time to find an eyeliner which will remain on my bottom lid for hours on end. This eyeliner ALMOST does just that but I find myself topping up at lunch time and then it smudges in my corner. Please let me know your suggestions in the comments. I don’t think I’ll be paying almost £17 for an eyeliner again..

LIPS: Brush, Lipgloss, Lip Crayon and Lipstick


*I can’t remember where I bought the lip brush from!*

Brand: Max Factor X
Product: Lipgloss
Colour: Captivating Ruby
Price: £7.99
Available From: Boots and Superdrug
*This was a gift*

Brand: No 7
Lip Crayon
Colour: Delicate Pink
Price: £9
Available From: Boots
*This was a gift*

Brand: Technic
Product: Lipstick with Vitamin E
Colour: Cashmere Rose
Price: £1.99
Available From: BodyCare


Applying red lipstick is a technique I have finally perfected! HIGH FIVE TO ME! My Mum spent a certain amount in Boots in the summer and as a gift, they gave her a little goodie bag and inside was this lipgloss. She’s not a red lipgloss kind of lady, so she happily passed it onto me. The colour lasts for a very long time but that’s only if you won’t be eating/drinking throughout the day so naturally, you’ve got to reapply and that’s done best by using a lip liner and a mirror. I’ve been enjoying mixing this with the lipstick that I have from Technic.


Once again, this was included in the little goodie bag which my mum received and I’m glad she passed it onto me because I’m not brave enough to go out and purchase a hot pink lip crayon. I know it’s called Delicate Pink but the colour isn’t all that delicate on my lips. It gives you a great POP of colour and if you’re not wearing a lot of eye makeup, it’s a great choice to focus on.



Oh lipstick, oh I love and adore thee. For £1.99, this is a fantastic lipstick. The colour is spot on and I could happily wear it every single day of the year – no matter the season, I’ll want to apply it. The price is just a sheer delight as well. Little did I know (until I googled the product) that it actually included Vitamin E within it. I’ve never come across a lipstick like this before. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these in the near future!




Since I’ve been wearing makeup, I’ve always bought really cheap makeup bags and within a couple of weeks, they’ve ripped so when my cousin visited New York last year, she brought back a Bloomingdale’s makeup bag as I didn’t see them when I was there. During this year, I visited London for the day with my Mum and the trip wasn’t complete without going into Harrods so I decided to treat myself to the makeup bag.

As you’ll notice, I do have two. I use the Bloomingdale’s one for everyday makeup (minus the brushes) and the one from Harrods stores my eyeshadow/lipstick palettes as well as my lip collection.

HAIR AND BODY: Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel


Brand: Aussie
Product: MEGA Shampoo and MEGA Instant Conditioner
Price: £2.99 – £3.99 per bottle
Available From: Superdrug, Boots and Supermarkets

Brand: Radox
Product: Shower Cream
Fragrance: Shea Butter & Ginger
Price: £1 – £1.99
Available From: Superdrug, Boots and Supermarkets

Brand: Original Source
Product: Shower Gel
Colour: Raspberry & Vanilla
Price: £1 – £2.99
Available From: Superdrug, Boots and Supermarkets



My hair smells like strawberries because of these two products. I’ve been using them for over a year now and I absolutely love them. The prices do range but I’ve found that purchasing them from Supermarkets *cough* ASDA *cough* is a lot cheaper than from Boots.


I was struggling to find a shower gel which I really liked the smell of when all my FCUK products ran out from last Christmas. When I stumbled across the Radox Shower Cream in ASDA, I instantly loved the smell and it’s only £1 from there. This has kept my skin feeling hydrated and soft for a good seven months.

The Original Source shower gel is by far the nicest scent I have ever smelt. Oh my gosh. But, I have a strong feeling that this will only be used once every month or so in order to mix it up a little with my Radox one. The scent isn’t too sweet and I can’t say much more than that as I’ve only used it once.

HAIR: Tangle Teezer


Brand: Tangle Teezer
Product: Detangler
Colour: Pink/Purple
Price: £8 – £15
Available From: Superdrug, Boots and Brand Website


My friend Hannah introduced me to Tangle Teezers and I’m extremely thankful that she did because my hair is in better condition now that I’ve been using one of these. I paid £10 for it from Boots and honestly, it’s the best tenner I’ve ever spent. I can’t use a regular brush or comb now because my hair just doesn’t feel right without it. Tangle Teezers can be used in the shower as well for when you’re applying conditioner. I’ve tried this once and wasn’t that much of a fan because my brush was still damp several days later and I was forced to use a normal brush.

SCENTS: Perfume


Brand: Victoria Beckham
Product: Signature
Colour: Purple
Price: £10 – £30
Available From: Boots and Fragrance Stores



For 10 years I’ve been using this perfume and I can’t find another which I enjoy using so much. I am running out but fear not, two more are on their way.


That is all my favourite beauty and skin products of 2014. It took me absolute AGES to create this blog post so I seriously hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you manage to get hold of any of the products and what you think of them. If you have any you think I ought to try out (especially with my super sensitive skin), please let me know if the comments below!

EL xx


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