#Blogmas A Christmas Message


2014 has been a wonderful year…

My Mum has been Cancer free for 365 days!

I became an Aunty to a beautiful little boy in March and now he’s crawling!

My other little nephew started walking and turned 1 in May!

We brought a little border collie into our family and named him Merf!

I saw Justin Timberlake and Peter Andre live!

I met Dermot O’Leary!Β 

My blog reached 25,000 views!

I hosted my first readathon along with 600 people!

I stood up to an online bully and won!

I decided that I want to go back to University and learn how to teach!

I hope that each and every one of you has a very Merry Christmas.Β 

My blog and I will be back on Monday 5th January with my Top 10 Books of 2014!Β 

Lots of love,

Emma Louise xx