Review of Dreamscape Earl Grey & Cucumber Paperchase Candle

Happy Friday!

If I said to you that Earl Grey and Cucumber was the nicest scented candle I’ve ever owned, would you believe me?

For my 24th birthday on Boxing Day, one of my very best friend Clare (all her links are below), bought me this gorgeous candle! We were out shopping in Liverpool one Friday afternoon in October/November time and I stumbled across this heavenly scent. She, of course, picked up on the hints and when my birthday came, I was thrilled to have it.

*FYI, I did not force her to purchase the candle for me, but as I never want/need anything, this was a one off!*


Not only is this Paperchase candle a wonderful scent, but the glass holder is stunning which can be found in plenty more of their Dreamscape products!

I’ve only taken two pictures of the candle, because how else can you showcase it?


For £10, this candle is perfect for those Spring evenings that are slowly starting to creep in. I’m hoping that Paperchase continue with this candle because I would happily buy it when it ruins out!

Clare’s Links:

Twitter: @ABookandTea


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