COME ALONG WITH ME: Newcastle & Jessie J


Happy Almost-The-Weekend!

These Come Along With Me  blog posts will only be every now and then i.e when my life is actually exciting. In November, my best friend Jonathan and I decided to go see Jessie J again. We’d seen her before in Liverpool for her very first tour and ever since, we’ve followed her music and become fans of hers. Seeing as she wasn’t coming back to Liverpool, we decided to stay in Jonathan’s home town of Newcastle and see her there, which meant a relaxed three hour train journey for me..

*Disclaimer: The pictures of Jessie J and her support act Luke James will have my Twitter @ on them as several of her fans have a tendency to take other people’s pictures without asking..


PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

What Jonathan bought me..


Jessie’s support act was a American artist called Luke James. If you follow her on Instagram, you may have put 2 +2 together and realised that he’s her boyfriend. A risky move, in my opinion but never the less, he was incredible. His rendition of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me was beautiful.

Jessie came onto the stage around 9:10pm and ended at 10:30pm as she said “I don’t want anyone to miss their bus or train home!” Full setlist is below in case anyone is interested..


AND…. That’s it!

Jessie J was absolutely incredible. I can’t fault her. A few of you may know that she cancelled her opening night in Glasgow due to a throat infection so I was on edge that she would cancel Newcastle (the following night), but as you can tell, she didn’t. Despite having a bad throat, she was pitch perfect. I’d happily see her again!

EL xx