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My Hair Care Routine

Happy Friday everyone!

As a 24 year old female, one of my top priorities in life has been to always keep my hair in the best condition possible. I’ve never really thought about it, until now, but since going ombre, I do have a hair care routine.

When I was a teenager, everyone was dying their hair. It was the “in” thing back then. I’ve never wanted to dye my hair until September 2014. I’m a brunette and I’ve had my hair down to my bottom, above my neck and now it’s just below my boobs.

For the past couple of years, I’ve really enjoyed using Aussie hair products. I began with the Mega Shampoo and Conditioner which did WONDERS on my hair before and after it was dyed at the bottom. For Christmas 2014, my Mum bought me the Winter Miracle Shampoo, 3 Minute Miracle and the Conditioner. OH MY LIFE. I can’t express how utterly incredible these three products are. My hair is swishy, soft and to my surprise, it’s a lot easier to straighten when I use these three products.


My Weekly Hair Care Routine:

– Wash every Sunday (Winter Miracle Trio), Tuesday, Thursday and a quick wash on Friday evenings before the weekend (rest of the week use Mega duo).

– Hair cut every 4-5 months and as for redying it, I’m yet to do that.

– Instead of using a regular brush, I use a tangle teezer which really helps with my hair in general. £10 from Boots and it’s a God send!

– Every time I blow dry it, I use the Aussie Heat Protection Spray. I have no idea if this actually works but I continue to use it anyway..

I hope you liked this post – it’s not exactly rocket science on how to take care of your hair but perhaps it may help you.

EL xx


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    1. So pleased you liked it! Dying really does damage it but happy to hear your hair is much healthier due to Aussie 🙂 xx


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