The Year Of The Owl

Happy Friday!

Since my Christmas/Birthday Haul went live, people have started to notice that I’m completely in love with owls.. I think it has a lot to do with Hedwig. Behind my house is a farmer’s field where a parliament of owls gather at night and hoot until their hearts are content.

So I thought today could be a fun, little post showcasing how many owl items I owe and surprisingly, it’s not as many as people like to think. Being a lifestyle blogger has the freedom to write posts such as this and I really like that. I don’t care if this post gets 2 views or 200 views, at least I’ve expressed myself and my fascination for owls. #YOLO

IMG_3535 IMG_3536 IMG_3538 IMG_3539 IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3545IMG_3546 IMG_3547 IMG_3550 IMG_3551PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3558 IMG_3559

Have a lovely weekend!

EL xx



2 thoughts on “The Year Of The Owl

    1. Thank you. They were a birthday present so I’m not certain where they’re from. Owls are in fashion right now so no complaints from me πŸ™‚ x


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