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I would have never bought a magazine in order to receive a freebie – never! I never did it as a child and as a teenager; I was into books far more. But when I saw pretty much, every beauty blogger tweeting about a new Benefit mascara, I did a little bit of research…

Benefit are a well known beauty brand – very well marketed, generous to bloggers and a favourite in many makeup bags. They teamed up with Elle, a magazine on every newsstand shelf, featuring a beautiful woman on the cover and full of advertisements as the contents. For £4, you bought the magazine and inside the packaging was the middle finger length mascara (yes, I did measure it against mine!)…

When I met up with bloggers, I was in two minds – no, I didn’t want to purchase it but then I reminded myself that I am a beauty blogger these days and £4 for a mascara couldn’t be that bad, surely? I’M SO PLEASED I SPENT THAT MONEY! 98% of the bloggers thoughts have been incredible and allowed me to feel a lot better about my impulse buying.


My first impression was that it was a miracle of a mascara – no, seriously! When I was at dance school, I had this weird thing of pulling out my eyelashes and my friend Beth always used to tell me off and that I’d regret it later in life. Here I am, regretting it but with thanks to Roller Lash, my eyelashes are full of length, volume and they look healthy.

After three coats, I had to stop applying otherwise, my eyelashes would have resembled spider’s legs and none of us want to see that. On the packaging, it says that 87% of people think the mascara gives long-lasting curl and I’m afraid to say that the only negative side of this product was that it gave me none. Perhaps I haven’t been applying it correctly?

The wand itself (no, not Harry Potter’s), is genius. The curve allows me to get to those really tiny lashes near my nose without smudging black against it. It’s a unique brush, unlike any of my other high-street ones and that’s what allows it to stand out.


According to the packaging, this mascara lasts for 6 months so the 29th July will be a sad day for my lashes… But fear not because the full product is out at the end of February and I have every intention of treating myself in Summer to it.

PicMonkey Collage

Left – First Application
Two Squares – Finished Look

Overall, I can’t fault it and I’m so pleased I jumped on the bandwagon because my lashes have never looked better. Bravo Benefit babes, bravo!

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