Treat Yourself: Valentines Edition


You have no idea how much I laughed making this..

Happy Almost Valentines Day! 

The second Christmas was over, the lovey dovey cards were sent flying out onto the shelves. Now, I have nothing against Valentines Day apart from one thing; why is it just one day? If you love someone and I mean, truly  love someone, you’d shower them with admiration 365 days a year, right?

Becoming a beauty blogger has opened a lot of doors for me and with that being said, I’ve looked at makeup differently. I’ve wanted to try out new products – ones which I wouldn’t have bought before. In particular, I’ve been picking up a few bits and bobs with this post in mind.

I only have a few rules:

1. If you’re single – go out and treat yourself…
2. If you’re in a relationship – go out and treat yourself..
3. If you’ve just been dumped/did the dumping – go out and treat yourself..
4. If you’re off men/women for a while – go out and treat yourself..

All the details are listed at the bottom.

*Disclaimer: I’ve bought all these products.


Avon Lipstick – “Reviving Raspberry” – £3.50

Make Up Academy Palette – “Heaven & Earth” – £4

Seventeen Nail Polish – “Pink Glitter” – £1.50

Essence Nail Polish – “That’s What I Mint!” – £1

Make Up Revolution Nail Polish – “Devil Inside” – £1

Natural Collection Lipstick – “Rose Bud” – £1.99

How will you be celebrating Valentines tomorrow? I’ll be watching my one true love – Harry Potter of course!

EL xx


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