Review of The W7 Palette, Mascara & Lipstick

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Thank you to Olivia for very kindly sending me these three products.

In The Night Palette; Smokey Shades

This is a product which I would have never bought for myself. I don’t know how to do a smokey eye no matter how many tutorials I watch or how many times I practice. But with that being said, I used the eye shadows every day for the past two weeks or so and with the help of the blending brush (which comes inside the palette), I upped my makeup skill a little bit.


First of all, I have to comment on how stunning the packaging is. Purple is one of my favourite colours and if I saw this in Superdrug or Boots, I would be instantly drawn to it to see what it is. The gold writing against the deep purple gives off the hint that these eye shadows are for night time, but being the individual that I am, I used it for both.

When I opened the palette, I was amazed. In total, there are twelve shadows, all with different names. Here they are listed (from left to right); Dusty, Wonderland, Summer, Atlanta, Abracadabra, Top Hat, Razzmataz, Lady Luck, Laura E, Party Pooper, Gate Crash and Bologna. Whoever came up with these names, well done!


Upon the first time I tried this palette, I went for the shade ‘Wonderland’ as I had a brown eye shadow on from a different makeup brand and with the W7 one, I applied it to my top crease and it worked wonders. Ha! Get it? Wonderland – worked wonders?


I think as my confidence with being a beauty blogger grows, I’ll be able to use this palette a lot more often, but for now, it’s coming in handy for night’s out/blogger events when I just want to add that little touch of sparkle.

Price: £9.99

Absolute Lashes Mascara

Along with the new Benefit Roller Lash, Absolute Lashes is a god send to my eye lashes! Upon first application, it gave my lashes the boost they so desperately needed and clearly hadn’t been receiving from my other mascaras. With three coats of application, I was seriously impressed. There was no look of the dreaded spiders legs but nor did it look like I hadn’t bothered. It’s a mascara I could easily use for both day and night time.


Similar to the palette, the packaging was beautiful. The silver gave it the touch of sophistication and the bold red ‘Absolute’ stood out while the ‘lashes’ gave it the elegant touch. As you pull the wand out from the body, it is a little tough at the tip. Although saying that, it is a good aspect as it doesn’t give off any access lumps which aren’t pleasant on your lashes.


This is staying in my bag for those emergency touch ups!

Price: £6.95

Candy Dream Lipstick

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Much like the mascara, the silver product oozes in sophistication and with a clear top, you’re able to see exactly what shade it is. Don’t you just hate it when lipsticks come in black packaging and to stop people from smudging it, they wrap it up so when you come home and apply it, it’s not the shade you thought it was… Been there, done that, got used to the colour.

The lipstick isn’t long but it’s not a stub either. What I noticed first was the clever use of the W7 marked on the top of the lipstick, but after time, will it wear away? The colour itself is a pink shimmer glitter and applies really easily when using a lip brush.


As a blogger with a pale complexion, I’m never really sure whether I ought to opt for a nude lip or a pink lip, but being bold, I applied this before going to ASDA (as you do) and a lot of women stared at my lips and asked me what colour I was using! I think it’s a winner.

What I like the most about the lipstick is that in regards to the shimmer, there’s more of it on your bottom lip than top. Add some Vaseline and it’ll stay on your lips for hours on end. No hair in lipstick drama from me!

Price: £3.95

Overall, I absolutely love these three W7 products and I would happily recommend them to fellow bloggers, family, friends and strangers in ASDA..

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