Having Internet Friends

Hi everyone!

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t meet up with any one from the Internet,” right? In reality, it can be quite dangerous, but in my reality, it’s been really nice and I’ve certainly made friends for life.

My first experience of having an Internet Friend was way back in 2005 when Shayne Ward won the X Factor and on his website, there was a forum. On that forum, I met a girl called Amie-Rae who to this day, I’m still very good friends with. As well as Shayne, we talk about personal issues as well as our joint love for Jessie J. We planned to meet in September 2012 when I visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour, but due to her other half making plans, we sadly couldn’t go through it with. Next time, I’m in London – I’ll be seeing her!

I was kindly invited to a blogger event at the end of January which you may/may not have seen, but I met up with some very funny beauty bloggers! We all had a wonderful evening, bonded over discussions of Pretty Little Liars, our big meet up in March and of course – make up!




PicMonkey Collage

My experience of having friends on the Internet and meeting them in real life has been really lovely – watch me jinx it now.. Ha! I’m certain more times will come with these lovely bunch of people including this Sunday so stay tuned for that post.

How has your experience been? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx