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January & February Favourites


I want to break the blogger norm. Instead of posting a Monthly Favourites at the end of each month, I’m going to post one every two months; February, April, June, August, October and finally December (as well as a big Yearly Favourites as I’m a sucker for those!)…

My blogging friend Katy ( has a regular post every single Monday (without fail) and it’s all about 10 things which she’s loved that previous week – these range from dates with her boyfriend to events to finding a new cafe which do incredible pancakes. I’ve taken some inspiration from Katy *credit is well deserved* and decided to do the same *kind of, not really* and post 10 things (in no particular order) which I’ve enjoyed about the past two months.

Let’s get crackin’…

1. Seeing Jessie J


I won’t go into much detail about how utterly magnificent she was (and she certainly was) as I have done a blog post. What I will say is that after seeing Jessie in 2011, I didn’t think her voice could improve, but two more albums later, she certainly has. Showcasing her hits such as Masterpiece (my absolute favourite!), Price Tag, Sweet Talker and Bang Bang, it felt more like one big party than a concert.

Jessie J 

2. Meeting New Bloggers


Being in the North West of the UK is sometimes a pain. London has so much more to offer than Liverpool or Manchester – especially when it comes to meeting other bloggers. But when I was invited to The Body Shop Event in late January (again, blog link below), I found myself talking to other bloggers over burgers, constantly laughing and having one of the easiest nights of my life. I say easy because it was so nice to just relax around new people, people who I felt as if I’d known for years. As well as the event, myself and three other bloggers met one Saturday in February for afternoon tea – as you can imagine, I had a whale of a time.

The Body Shop Event
Afternoon Tea

3. Gripping Reads

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve been running a book blog for almost three years now and I really enjoy it. Being a book reviewer means that when you’ve got a following behind you, you’re given the incredible opportunity of reviewing some books which won’t see a publication date for a couple of weeks, even months if you’re super lucky. In terms of books which I’ve loved this past two months, I have three; The Girl On The Train, Second Life and Thoughtful; three very addictive books, all for very different reasons.

The Girl On The Train
Second Life

4. Make Up Academy Palette


Since adding beauty to my blog, I’ve started spending a lot more time browsing in Boots and Superdrug. I’ve enjoyed a couple of makeup items these past few months but nothing compares to the Heaven & Earth eye shadow palette. With beautiful individual names for the colours, these have done wonders to my eyelids. I’m a brunette with brown eyes so the natural look works best on me, but with a added glitter shadow called Babylon, it gives my eyes an extra boost and sparkle.

5. Pancakes


February is home to the best day – Pancake Day aka Shrove Tuesday. Since I went to Orlando in 2013, I’ve become a fan of the delicious treat and I’ve worked out that I much prefer them American style to the little flimsy ones we have here in the UK. Add rashes on bacon and a touch of maple syrup for sheer perfection. I made these with my Grandad and well, there weren’t as good as the ones I had in Orlando – let’s just keep it at that. So instead, I opted for a healthy version of the British ones.

How To; Make American Pancakes

6. Little People


How precious is this snapshot of my youngest nephew (Ben) snoozing on me? While his mum was getting ready for the day after we took my oldest nephew (Ollie)  to nursery, Ben fell asleep whilst I watching TOWIE. He snuggled right into me and even expressed a few snores. TOO CUTE. MUST NOT SQUEEZE. He also took two steps as well. His 1st birthday will feature in my next favourites.

7. Candles


The light evenings have slowly begun crawling in and despite that meaning more time to take blog pictures, it also means that candles don’t really glow as well as they do in Winter. Recently, I’ve been lighting two – my FCUK one which is just divine, it was in a big pamper box which I bought from Boots and the other is a Paris one (no scent) from ASDA which should have been £7 but I spotted it in the sale for £2. They just make a room feel that little bit cosier and they’re lovely to have on in the background.

FCUK Pamper Kit
How To Have A Solo Pamper Evening

8. Blog Improvements


I’ve taken very good care of my blog over the past few years; it’s seen a lot of changes, a lot of posts and various pages. Since Blogmas, I decided to add Beauty & Lifestyle into the mix. Now that I’m volunteering at a school four days a week, I don’t have an awful lot of time to read and review books (but I still do!), so having two other aspects on my blog means that YOU don’t miss out. It also gives me a chance to make more of my life, try new products and take plenty more pictures.

Beauty & Lifestyle

9. Meeting A Best Selling Author


In mid February, Katie and I headed into Liverpool where we met the author of Before I Go To Sleep and Second Life, S.J. Watson. He very kindly signed my copy of Second Life which I just adored (and I’m still in shock over!)… Naturally, that meant Katie and I could have a nosy in a few shops afterwards so no complaints from us. Free events at Waterstones are a bonus when you want to meet an author whose work you’ve admired, but also paying a couple of pound to sit in on a Q&A is also a win!

10. #HarryPotterBookNight


If you can’t already tell by my blog header, I’m (kind of) obsessed with Harry Potter and if you know me very well, you’ll be able to smell the sarcasm from the words kind of! On the 5th February, everyone around the world came together to celebrate the magic that is Harry Potter. I curled up all day and reread my favourite book; The Prisoner Of Azkaban and it was sheer bliss. Same again next year? Count me in!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first instalment. There are many more to come!

What have you been enjoying these past two months? Let me know in the comments below!

EL xx


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  1. Little people are the best aren’t they?! That picture is so cute 🙂

    I am so jealous that you met S.J. Watson! He is from where I live and I ADORED Before I Go To Sleep but still haven’t read his latest.

    I really must get round to that. The Girl on the Train was pretty good too. I’m not normally one for eyeshadow but that palette looks like my kind of thing. I like neutrals.


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