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2013 Flashback; My New York City Trip


During my life, I’ve been very lucky to visit some beautiful places and sadly, I haven’t shared any of my trips with you until now. Every now and then, I’m going to be doing Flashback posts in regards to where I’ve travelled to. Maybe it’ll teach me to blog my trips right away. First up is New York City and tomorrow is Orlando – both visited in November 2013.

The Back Story

My cousin decided to run in the New York Marathon and he kindly invited me to go with him, his girlfriend and his parents (my Aunt and Uncle). Of course, I said yes and with thanks to the money my Grandad left me, I was able to afford my dream trip to America. We had Friday to Monday in The Big Apple before I went to Orlando with my Aunt and Uncle until Saturday.

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Friday 1st November 

After travelling Manchester to London to JFK, I landed in the glorious city of New York. My instant thought was “wow, it really does smell like pizza.” For November, it was warm! After my first American taxi over the JFK Bridge, the beautiful skyline came into view and took my breath away. We drove through the streets of New York until we reached our hotel.

Our evening consisted of walking around Times Square before finally deciding on eating at O’Donoughue’s where jet lag had already hit me with a little bit of  a”I’m hungry but I’m not” kind of mood. I opted for an iced tea and the pulled pork burger.  After that, it was an early night as we had a pretty big Saturday planned.





Saturday 2nd November

We were up bright and early as we had to be at the ferry terminal for 9am. We braved the Subway (I saw many rats!) and we arrived to a rather cloudy other side of the city for a trip to The Statue of Liberty before Ellis Island (sadly I didn’t take any pictures of that).

But first, let me share with you the view outside my hotel room window..


Digital Camera




The views from The Statue of Liberty (my cousin and I had tickets to climb up to the first point) were breathtaking. I’m not a big fan of cities – I’m more of a country and roller coaster kind of girl but the view won me over. After visiting the lady herself, we went to Ellis Island before taking the ferry back to the city where we did some shopping (no pictures, sorry) and we paid our respects at the Twin Towers point before heading to the Rockefeller for our 4pm viewing.










In case you didn’t know – on one side of the Rockefeller is Central Park and on the other is The Empire State – If you’re planning a trip to NYC, I highly recommend the Rockefeller simply for the best two views in the world.


When we left the Rockefeller, we headed back to the hotel for a very quick change before we headed out for a celebratory meal before my cousin’s big day with the marathon. On our way back to the hotel after I ate the most delicious chicken and mashed potato, I captured this beautiful picture of The Empire State Building..


Sunday 3rd November

MARATHON DAY! My cousin had to be up at 5am but because the clocks changed, he was woken up at 4 instead. He had to get to the starting line before we had even eaten breakfast and with everything that happened with the Boston Marathon Bombing, there were A LOT of police or “cops” and when I say a lot, I mean the entire city was filled with them. Walking over Brooklyn Bridge was an incredible experience, one which I will never forget. Friday and Saturday were two warm days in NYC, but due to the weather report – I decided to wear my coat and I certainly thanked myself as walking over the bridge, IT WAS FREEZING!





After we saw my cousin running in Brooklyn, we met him outside Central Park (which we sadly didn’t visit, maybe next time!) and he was wrapped in tin foil to keep his heat in. We had a low key dinner before we said our goodbyes. Saturday was the day where I flew from LaGuardia Airport into Orlando International Airport.

Hotel –
O’Donoughue’s –

Tomorrow welcomes my Orlando Trip post. I hope you enjoyed the first of several Flashback posts – I’ve really loved making them. 

EL xx


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  1. Wonderful photos, it looks like you had a great time. It’s been around five years since I went to New York so I’m experiencing major wanderlust over it at the moment. I wonder how often Cops get asked to pose in photos? I had a photo taken with one too. Perhaps it’s part of their job description?

    I didn’t see all the locks on the Brooklyn Bridge when I went. How could I have missed them?!


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