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Ombre Hair: The Pros And Cons



I won’t lie. When I decided to dye my hair ombre in September of 2014, I showed my hairdresser a picture of Zoella and her gorgeous locks and said “I want it like that, please.” Within two sessions, I’d gone from being brunette all over to having caramel added and then light blonde tips. Guess what? I want to go blonder! This is coming from the girl who always swore she’d never dye her hair and I’ve kind of stuck to that by promising myself never to dye my roots.

Ombre seems to be the ‘in’ hair colour recently and I’m not surprised. I wanted to do a blog post about my ombre hair as my Hair Care Routine seemed to go pretty well with you all. But sadly, due to me not having a camera with a set timer, I couldn’t take pictures for you. However, I did manage to get some pictures..

PicMonkey Collage

The Pro’s Of Having Ombre Hair

1. Style
I was never one of the cool kids in High School. I never dyed my hair with a bunch of plastics on a Friday night. I never had one of those “colour in a box” in my bathroom. I’ve got from having hair down to my bottom to having a Victoria Beckham inspired POB, but when the Winter neared last year, I wanted to brighten my locks up. It looks incredible and I’m grateful that I had a professional do it rather than do it myself – because we all know, it’d go green..

Laura from @Novembergirlx agrees as she told me on Twitter about how nice it looked. She very kindly recommend that if you do have ombre hair, you can use The Touch Of Silver by Pro:Voke (see below!)


2. Skintone
– Whether you’re as pale as Casper The Friendly Ghost like myself or you’ve got naturally tanned skin, ombre hair looks fantastic on any. One of my very best friends Asbeena from @Belle_Histoires has a gorgeous skin tone and ombre hair (I’m certain it looks better on her!). But from the picture below, you can see it works on any skin tone..

3. Maintenance
– Since having ombre hair, I’ve found that my love for Aussie shampoo/conditioner hasn’t changed. I know there have been blog posts by other bloggers claiming you must use certain shampoos and conditioners but truth be told – you’d don’t. My hairdresser confirmed that it’s okay to get going with your normal ones. Brilliant.

The Con’s Of Having Ombre Hair

1. Damage
Your hair is bleached blonde on the bottom. BLEACHED. That basically screams damage yet you can change that around by regularly getting your split ends seen to and always using heat protection spray. You can turn the damage around.

2. Once You Go Ombre..
The only way to get rid of your ombre is to either ask your hairdresser to mix a special formula of dye together in order to get your natural locks back or failing that – do what Zoella did and go short. It’ll grow back and it’ll get rid of the bleach and split ends.

Sammy from @Little_Fickle gives VERY good advice (and not just when it comes to hair) – Don’t dye any further than you’d be willing to cut.

3. Job Done Badly
If you really do want to see what bad ombre hair looks like, just Google it. The results are cringe worthy. You don’t want zigzag hair..

I love having my ombre hair and I’m not changing it anytime soon – minus the whole going a little bit blonder part. If you have any pros and cons, please leave them in the comments for other people to read. 

EL xx