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Hello everyone,

I love seeing what people wear every single day and if they mix the products up from time to time. I’ve had my own routine for almost a year now and within that time, I’ve cemented down the products which I enjoy using the most. Most of the brushes are from ASDA’s Professional Brush Set kit and they’re incredible – £5 for 7 plus a sharpener (which destroyed my MAC eyeliner) as well as a mirror. There are two other brushes which I use and those will be noted.

The post you’re about to continue reading shows the makeup products in the exact order in which I use them in and any side notes which I feel the need to let you know. After using my Nivea Soft Cream Moisturising Cream as well as the Johnsons 24hr Day Cream, I begin my everyday makeup routine..

Step 1. 


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – Ivory

These are two of the best concealers in the world (no joke) and I strongly enjoy using them both. I use the Rimmel one first to cover my undereye circles and the Collection one is best for giving your eyes a boost of lightness as well as any red areas e.g around your nose and spots.

Step 2. 


Natural Collection Pressed Powder – Warm

I’ve only ever used this powder and I don’t think I will use any other as it’s fantastic. I use it mainly to conceal my concealer and it also gives me skin a little bit of a warmer glow.

Step 3. 


Sunkissed Eyeshadow Palette – Shimmer
MUA Eyeshadow Palette – Heaven & Earth

*The brush nearest the eyeshadow palettes (the double end) is from my W7 palette and I only use the blend end.

For the base colour, I use the Sunkissed Palette – the top right shade (no name). It’s a pretty soft creamy shimmer colour and is perfect to wear on its own or with a blended brown matte shade which I usually do. With the MakeUp Academy palette, I use two of the colours (both from the top line) – second in; Amazonian Bronze and third in; Babylan. I use the first in my eyelid crease, blend that in a little and add the next into the corner crease. They work together and somehow, I manage to make them look good on my eyes.

Step 4. 


 L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Ultra Precision – Black

This is the part where you hear Jay Z saying uh uh, holy grail from his song with Justin Timberlake. Ladies (and maybe some gents), this is my #1 makeup product of the past three years. I absolutely adore it and I have Lauren Conrad to thank for teaching me how to do the perfect eyeliner with flick from her Style book.

Step 5. 


Natural Collection – Lash Length (left) and Waterproof (right)
W7 Absolute Length
Benefit Roller Lash

For a while, I’ve been using Natural Collection mascaras; not only are they cheap but they work wonders on my lashes. Since I was sent one from W7 (review), I’ve been using that when I want my lashes to look absolutely amazing, for instance, when I see the blogging girls. The Benefit mascara (review) is used after I’ve had a no makeup day as it gives my lashes a real boost. If a company can combine all four of these mascaras – let me know because I’ll certainly buy it.

Step 6.


MAC Feline Kohl Powder Eyeliner
2true Eyeliner

Since this post has been scheduled and gone live, my beloved MAC eyeliner is no more. The idiotic sharpener from the ASDA collection ruined so I’m thinking of purchasing the MUA one as a lot of beauty bloggers rave about it. The 2true one is my backup eyeliner which I’ve had to use since my MAC one bust – it’s £1 and alright…

Step 7.


Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Pearls – Tropical Tan

*Brush from Avon several years ago.

I’m Casper the Ghost pale so this beauty of a product as well as the powder is perfect to give me a summer glow in all four seasons. The only downside is that with the big brush, the balls tend to get stuck inside and drop everywhere. Great.

Step 8.


Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick – Rose Bud

I love this colour – it’s not as dark as it looks in the picture and it looks great on pale complexions. It applies beautifully without the need of a lip liner and I trust it enough to apply without a mirror. Win win.

The Finished Look 



Which products do you use every day? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx


4 thoughts on “My EveryDay MakeUp Routine

  1. I don’t know how badly screwed up your MAC eyeliner is, but if you get a decent sharpener and keep sharpening it down you might get there in the end, although you may lose a wee bit of length. Another option would be take it to the MAC counter as they’re always pretty helpful – it’s worth asking, anyway…


      1. Downer! It’s always the expensive stuff gets broken. My daughter, who’s 20, was staying at her Dad and Stepmum’s and her little half-sister broke a MAC foundation that she’d paid £27 for the day before. Needless to say she was raging…


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