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Not everything is always fantastic and is the best of the best – we all have our down days. Since posting my How To Have A Solo Pamper Evening, I’ve received several emails and tweets, kindly asking if I can do a similar post – but this time, all about how I relax and unwind. So these are just ten things (in no particular order), of what I do in order to chill out and have some quality ME time. This post is inspired by one which Katy did at the beginning of March all about how to chill out at home.

1. Switch Your Phone Off


I’ve noticed that when I switch my phone off every Friday and Saturday evening, I fall asleep a lot quicker than I do on a weeknight when my phone is on (and waiting for my alarm to go off).. Texts, emails, tweets and blog comments can wait until the next day. Pretend you’re in a cinema, switch that device off.

2. Have A Hot Drink And Read A Great Book

photo 1

This is my favourite thing to do on a weekend! The book I’m reading in the picture is Summer At Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan and it’s really nice to ignore the real world and enjoy a fictional one. Hours can go by when your nose in stuck in a good book (not literally, of course)..

3. Put On Some Comfortable Clothes


Onesies are a winner when it comes to relaxing – they’re SO cosy! I was never into onesies because they literally feel like a baby grow but in reality, they’re unbelievably comfy yet it’s a pain when you need to go to the toilet. 

4. Light A Candle

photo 3

Candles are the definition of relax, I’m sure of it. Whether it’s a plain vanilla one, a Christmas one or this bad boy from FCUK and smells absolutely delicious. So light a candle or two, sit back and take a deep breath..

5. Watch Something


I CAN’T EVEN! If you watch Pretty Little Liars, you will know exactly how I’m feeling right now. So many people ask me on Twitter which season I’m up to so in case you want to know – the new episodes come out in America on Tuesday evening and I watch them on Wednesday morning/afternoon so I’m always up to date because we all know Twitter spoils it.. If you haven’t seen the show and would like to watch online, email me and I can send you a link.

6. Talk A Walk


Now, where I live the views aren’t as beautiful as this ^^ but my friend very kindly said I could use it because where I live, the nature isn’t as photographic as this. With our mad Border Collie, my parents and I do enjoy a Sunday walk with them. I once left my phone (at home) and lost everyone. Great! So I was wandering around the entire village like a loner.. Do take your phone as you never know..

7. Listen To Music


OH WON’T YOU.. STAY WITH MEEEEEE! Sam Smith is one of my favourite singers and his album (in my opinion) is perfect to chill out with. His voice is literally velvet and I’m just in awe of the fact that he’s 22 going on 23 in two months and he’s achieved so much! If you don’t have any of his songs on your iPod, here a couple which I recommend:

Stay With Me
Leave Your Lover
I’m Not The Only One
I’ve Told You Now
Like I Can
Life Support

8. Spend Time With Those Who Matter


I have a small family and after the bullshit drama, I went through after my University Graduation, I’m really careful who I’m friends which. I’m lucky to live down the road from both of my nephews and I absolutely love seeing them, making them laugh and just spending quality time with them. Every single Sunday, I have my Nan (Dad’s Mum) and my Grandad (Mum’s Dad) over for a big roast cooked by my Mum – it’s delicious and with my Nan’s quick wit, there’s lots of sarcasm and laughter around the table.

9. Clean Your Room


When I’m stressed or having one of those days, my room gets a spring clean and if you ask anyone who truly knows me, they will tell you that it’s never messy in the first place but with a two hour quick clean, I feel a lot better. Stick some music on in the background, hoover places that haven’t seen the light of day for a while, get rid of junk that you don’t need and enjoy the smell of cleanness.

10. Take A Nap


A similar picture featured in my January & February Favourites and there is nothing better than taking an hour out of your day, curling up somewhere comfy and just shutting out the world. There’s nothing wrong with having a nap whether you’re one or your twenty-four.

I hope this post gave you some ideas. Let me know in the comments below how YOU relax.

EL xx


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